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Plows in echelon formation on the highway
"The echelon" — our version version of the fighter jet formation for snowplows. Pretty cool, right? Just don’t get too close, and keep yourself and our plow drivers safe.
Crews in a tractor performing an avalanche mitigation
In Colorado, we are no strangers to avalanche mitigation. No matter the location, we work hard to keep the traveling public safe and our roads passable.
We have various equipment and qualified personnel to help us do all kinds of work you might not be aware of — including using helicopters for rockfall, avalanche and wildfire mitigation.
Tractor during mudslide clean up
Sure, our geography presents challenges. Mudslides, rockslides and floods to name a few. But when needed, our crews are on the move to help get our roadways back in working order as soon as possible.
Maintainers in front of a snowplow
No job is too large or too small. We value teamwork, and at CDOT, our employees play a huge role in helping their communities flourish.
Crash on the roadway
Serious incidents happen on our roadways every day. Our Traffic Incident Management (TIM) program removes incidents from Colorado's highways and restores normal travel operations as safely and quickly as possible.
Heavy machinery during an avalanche mitigation
We are pros at using heavy machinery. Snow, rockfalls, rain or shine, nothing will stop us from clearing the roads and keeping them accessible to drivers.
Operations Center worker
It’s our duty to maintain 23,000 miles of roadway in our state. Our three Operations Centers keep an eye on roads and coordinate incident response, monitor traffic, and distribute information to keep travelers in the know.
CDOT Safety Patrol Truck
Run out of gas? Have a breakdown? The CDOT Safety Patrol sponsored by GEICO is a key part of our incident management program. We offer a little help, free of charge, to those who need it when they need it most.

Taking action to keep Colorado moving

Roads, bridges, tunnels. Potential rock fall and avalanche paths. Rural expanse and dense cities. We face many challenges at CDOT, but our team of skilled and hardworking professionals work day and night to get the job done and keep our roads safe and passable.

Cutting-edge technology, world-class engineering and the frontier spirit are a few things that help CDOT to be an industry-leading department of transportation. But what really drives us are the men and women of CDOT. Together we keep Colorado moving.

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