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Stories from the CDOT Maintenance & Operations Team

It’s our people that make us strong. Read their stories:

Traffic backing up along I-70 mountain corridor

How to avoid I-70 ski traffic like a pro

CDOT's tips for a smooth ski season commute.

July 2023 - CDOT crews transporting drilling equipment and other supplies/materials to slide paths on Red Mountain Pass.

Expecting the Unexpected

CDOT is strengthening partnerships to stay ahead of weather-related challenges.

A CDOT tow plow pulls a trailer with a second tow blade, allowing for faster and more efficient snow removal.

Well-Equipped: Innovations in Winter Highway Safety

CDOT DMO team is hard at work preparing for the winter season - enhancing
team training, and upgrading equipment and facilities.

CDOT’s Recruitment Overdrive

Recruitment Overdrive

How we find and keep our valuable employees: CDOT is proud to offer many opportunities and benefits to employees.

CDOT snowplows lined up at EJMT

We're ready for winter. Are you?

CDOT has been gearing up all winter long to face the upcoming Colorado winter. Here's what we've been up to.

CDOT crews working after dark

Incident Management 

Many Coloradans or out-of-state residents may be unaware of how much CDOT supports the communication, clean-up and plans of action during incidents. This article informs the public about the breadth and depth of CDOT’s incident response efforts.

Director John Lorme

Meet the Crew:
John Lorme

DMO Director John Lorme talks CDOT operations and about his journey to where he is today.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado sign

A Sign of the Times: Welcome to Colorful Colorado

You’ve all seen one, probably taken a picture in front of one, or if you’re reading this from Colorado, you’ve definitely driven past one.

Truck tanker

Snow is Here!

Every year we know the snow is coming. How do we get ready? With plenty of planning and hard work.

CDL trainers doing snowplow safety checks

CDOT Will Pay for You to Get Your CDL

Learn the importance of the skills learned in a CDL class, and how they benefit maintenance and operations workers.

Autonomous Attenuator Testing team meeting together

7 Things You Didn’t Know About CDOT

We do a lot more than plow roads and fill potholes.