Landscape Architecture

CDOT has in-house landscape architects and landscape specialists who provide project development support and program services through the following activities:

Project design

  • Streetscape
  • Roundabouts
  • Rest areas
  • CDOT facilities
  • Permanent Water Quality
  • Interpretive and Wayfinding Signage

Project Links

Spec development

Project review

SWMP consultation & design

Long Term Maintenance Solution Assistance

Revegetation & noxious weed assistance

  • GPS/GIS mapping of seed plans

Construction permit assistance


  • Rock (cut/staining)
  • Structures (bridges/retaining walls)
  • Earthwork rounding/warping

Habitat design support

  • Wildlife & stream restoration

Low Impact Development (LID)

Design Guidelines/CSS

Visual Impact Assessments

Soil Management


Product Evaluation and Approval

  • Subject matter experts for hydrological & ecological products

Training & Manual Development

BMP Selection

  • Stormwater Management Plan Designer Certification
  • Landscape Architecture (TETP)
  • Stormwater Quality Guide
  • Pocket Guide
  • Landscape Architecture and Natural Resource Manual
Landscape Architecture Contacts

landscape manual cover art

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