Landscape Architecture

The Eco-Design Zone file (CDOT mile markers) provides physical, climatic, and biological data to each CDOT mile marker in the State of Colorado. The data are then used to select plant species (grasses and forbs) and seeding rates in the Native Seed Calculator.
The qualitative landscape characterization was derived from the following sources:

  • US EPA Ecoregions
  • USGS GAP land cover data
  • NRCS WEB Soil data
  • CDOT’s Planning and Engineering Regions

Please see instructions in the Native Seed Calculator for further guidance.

CDOT has in-house landscape architects and landscape specialists who provide project development support and program services through the following activities:

Project design

  • Streetscape
  • Roundabouts
  • Rest areas
  • CDOT facilities
  • Permanent Water Quality
  • Interpretive and Wayfinding Signage

Project Links

Spec development

Project review

SWMP consultation & design

Long Term Maintenance Solution Assistance

Revegetation & noxious weed assistance

  • GPS/GIS mapping of seed plans

Construction permit assistance


  • Rock (cut/staining)
  • Structures (bridges/retaining walls)
  • Earthwork rounding/warping

Habitat design support

  • Wildlife & stream restoration

Low Impact Development (LID)

Design Guidelines/CSS

Visual Impact Assessments

Soil Management


Product Evaluation and Approval

  • Subject matter experts for hydrological & ecological products

Training & Manual Development

BMP Selection

  • Stormwater Management Plan Designer Certification
  • Landscape Architecture (TETP)
  • Stormwater Quality Guide
  • Pocket Guide
  • Landscape Architecture and Natural Resource Manual
Landscape Architecture Contacts

Mike Banovich
Landscape Architecture Section Manager
[email protected]

Greg Fischer
Landscape Specialist
[email protected]

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