Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping (PPGH)

CDOT's commitment to water quality does not stop at the end of a construction project. Although the project might be completed, CDPHE's stormwater construction permit cannot be closed out (i.e., inactivated) until the site is fully stabilized. CDOT conducts inspections every 30 days of each inactive construction site until the site is fully stabilized.

In addition, many CDOT projects include permanent control measures that are either maintained by CDOT maintenance staff or, through agreement, by local municipalities. For example, water quality ponds and storm drain inlets must be cleaned out periodically. CDOT maintenance staff also maintain CDOT's storm drain system to prevent flooding of the roadways and maintain good stormwater quality and they sweep roadways, which captures many pollutants. Any staff applying fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides onto CDOT rights-of-way must be certified by the State of Colorado. They are trained in following manufacture's specifications and avoiding the over-application of chemicals.

CDOT maintenance staff also implement facility runoff control plans for many maintenance facilities. Similar to construction site stormwater management plans, facility runoff control plans ensure that appropriate best management practices are implemented and maintained to control stormwater runoff from exiting a CDOT facility. The facility runoff control plans identify potential pollutants, show where the pollutants might migrate if they come in contact with stormwater, and describe the BMPs to maintain good stormwater quality at the site. For example, CDOT staff will sweep the area in front of the covered solid deicer storage area to make sure that potential pollutants do not come in contact with stormwater. Like stormwater management plans, facility runoff control plans also require routine inspections. CDOT maintenance staff also are watchful for illegal discharges at CDOT maintenance facilities and while maintaining CDOT roadways.

The photos below demonstrate CDOT storing equipment with hydraulic hoses connected in a closed circuit and wrapped with absorbent pads then plastic to ensure potential pollutants do not come in contact with stormwater.

Hydraulic hoses   Hydraulic hoses 1