Industrial Facilities Program

Program Description

This program is part of CDOT’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit (Permit No.COS000005). CDOT must implement a program to promote the proper management of stormwater quality from industrial sites. CDOT issues utility permits to those utility companies, special use permittees, industry, or others wishing to install, adjust, relocate, remove, or maintain utilities in CDOT’s right-of-way. CDOT issues access permits for building access from private property to state highways. These two permits are issued, and inspections are conducted through CDOT’s five regional offices located throughout Colorado.

The program prioritizes education to promote minimization of pollutants that the facilities are contributing to the storm sewer system. CDOT is required to report industrial facilities that are contributing, or have the potential to contribute, pollutants to CDOT’s storm sewer system. The Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) will be notified if such industrial facilities are identified.

Industrial facility adjacent to highway and river

Industrial Facilities

Categories of industries that are subject to this program include, but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing, processing, raw materials storage
  • Industrial plant yards (e.g. concrete batch plants)
  • Access roads/rail lines used to carry raw materials, manufactured products, waste materials, or byproducts
  • Material handling
  • Refuse site
  • Application or disposal of process waste waters
  • Storage and maintenance of materials handling equipment
  • Residual treatment, storage, or disposal
  • Shipping and receiving areas
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Storage areas used (including tank farms) for raw materials and immediate and final products
  • Areas where industrial activity has taken place in the past and significant materials remain and are exposed to

More information can be found in the following documents and are available upon request by contacting Jean Cordova @ [email protected]