Wet Weather Monitoring Program

The Wet Weather Monitoring (WWM) Program is to understand the impact on water quality from CDOT roads, rights-of-way (ROWs), maintenance facilities, and Permanent Water Quality Control Measure Practices (CMPs) associated with stormwater discharges. CDOT staff, regulators, and other interested stakeholders need to have a thorough understanding of the types of data required, the location from where the data needs to be gathered, and the quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures necessary for this goal to be possible. This will ensure that the program not only complies with Colorado Discharge Permit System (CDPS) Permit No. COS000005, Individual Permit Renewal for Discharges (MS4 Permit), but also provides an understanding of the potential impacts of surface water that flows from roads and facilities operated and maintained by CDOT.

Sampling data that can be shared with the public without a Colorado Records Request are stored at Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN). The CDSN provides a single web-based repository for all shared water quality data in Colorado. It uses the same framework as EPA’s Water Quality Exchange (WQX). Data are free and available for download. Data can be viewed using multiple tools (e.g., AWQMS Data Management System, CDSN Monitoring Location & Exceedance Application, eRAMS Wrap Tool, and CDSN GIS Applications & Geospatial Data Layers).