CDOT Action Plan

The ongoing success of Colorado's transportation system depends on more than just funding and infrastructure; CDOT also needs to look at itself as an organization to make sure that its able to deliver on the promises of the Statewide Transportation Plan, and keep our state moving forward in the decades to come.

CDOT's Action Plan articulates the progress made during the last four years in modernizing business practices and making improvements in the goal areas listed below:

  • Improve business processes for better customer service and efficiency.
  • Use innovation and improved management to get more money to construction.
  • Get more out of the existing system.
  • Partner with private sector to augment public funds.
  • Provide better transparency and accountability in CDOT activities.
  • Provide employees training and career development opportunities.

The document lays out specific next steps that will build upon the achievements already made in the goal areas, and how CDOT will continue to use innovation and improved management to deliver more construction and maintenance to benefit our customers. Senior management worked to identify the specific priority actions that will deliver more tangible results in the next few years.

Implementors have been identified and will be responsible for executing and ensuring that these are accomplished. These priority actions will be reviewed annually to assess progress made.