Outreach Organization

The project team worked with many transit representatives throughout the process, and relied on these representatives to inform and guide the Statewide Transit Plan. The project management team (PMT)—comprising CDOT staff across the regions and divisions, and a CASTA/TRAC representative—met on a regular basis throughout the planning process.

A broader statewide steering committee (SSC) met at major milestones to review and discuss project progress, and plan development. The SSC comprised approximately 30 members representing federal, state and local agencies, and transit providers with a particular interest in an effective Statewide Transit Plan.

The project team also reached out to the 10 rural Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs) through a series of transit working group meetings. The TPRs informed the planning team about local and regional needs, participated in plan development and ensured the participation of the transit providers and human service agencies in the planning process.

Outreach and coordination with the metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) also took place throughout the process, including holding joint public open houses.