Purpose and Need

The project purpose and need identifies the transportation problems and other needs that the project is intended to address. It is defined through information gathered during scoping meetings and data collection activities.

Purpose of the Proposed Action

The purpose of the US 6 and Wadsworth Boulevard project is to improve traffic flow and safety, accommodate high traffic volumes, and increase multi-modal travel options and connections at the US 6 and Wadsworth Boulevard interchange and along Wadsworth Boulevard between 4th Avenue and 14th Avenue.

The project area includes US 6 (also designated as 6th Avenue) and Wadsworth Boulevard (also designated as State Highway 121). The east-west limits along US 6 are from the eastern interchange ramps with Wadsworth Boulevard west to Garrison Street . On Wadsworth Boulevard , the project limits are 4th Avenue to 14th Avenue . This area is a vital regional hub of the western Denver metropolitan area and the heart of the City of Lakewood .

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), City of Lakewood (City), area residents, businesses, and commuters have prioritized making improvements to fix the transportation problems in the project area through previous planning efforts. CDOT's goal is to identify a proposed action that meets transportation needs, is compatible with local and regional plans, avoids or minimizes environmental harm, and can be implemented within cost constraints.

Need for the Proposed Action

The existing design and configuration of the interchange and roadway within the project limits have not kept pace with traffic and multi-modal travel demands. Improvements are needed to:

  • Improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists
  • Improve operational efficiency of the interchange and on Wadsworth
  • Meet current and future traffic demands
  • Support multi-modal connections