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Are you interested in working on Central 70?

Construction is here and Central 70 needs you! Whether you're starting a career in construction or advancing in the industry, we hope you find your place on Central 70. Below, you will find links and information for Central 70 job postings. Additionally, this site provides information about WORKNOW, Central 70's partner in workforce development. 

WORKNOW is a local job recruitment, advancement and support platform that provides training, coaching and placement assistance, as well as family support services like childcare or the purchase of construction equipment and tools (see full description below). 

How do I get connected?

There are three key ways to connect with Central 70 job openings: 1) Kiewit Careers website, 2) List of all Central 70 subcontractors, and 3) Union Halls and Apprenticeship Programs for Kiewit and some subcontractors. 

 Current Kiewit Central 70 Job Openings Kiewit-Ca-4c.jpg

This list is updated periodically - use this list to identify Central 70 subcontractors and jump-start your job search. 

Job seekers can also attend a monthly Contractor Meet and Greet hiring fair. Details are located in the Events Section.

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A woman participates in the free Basics in Concrete Construction course at Colorado Homebuilder Academy. Photo by Cyrus McCrimmon, courtesy of Gary Community Investments.

Kiewit Infrastructure Co. is signatory to the following local unions:

Quick Look: Contact Info for the Local Laborer, Carpenter and Operator Unions 


These unions are currently hiring both apprentices and journey-workers. Employment on Central 70 cannot be guaranteed with union membership, but it's important to express your interest in working on Central 70 when you join.

 Are you seeking training or work readiness support? 

WORKNOW can assist you with supplemental training and certificates aligned with Kiewit, subcontractor and signatory union training pathways.

Get Connected here:
1) WORKNOW Interest Form in English y Formulario de interés en español
2) WORKNOW Phone Number: 303-352-6019
3) Spread the word! Tell friends and family about WORKNOW. WORKNOW flyer in English and WORKNOW anuncio en español)

Please note, WORKNOW connects individuals to jobs in construction, but jobs on Central 70 are not guaranteed due to participation.

Contact Information: Central 70 Job Opportunities

Mark Campbell, Kiewit Project Controller
[email protected]