"Denver-area commuters lost 49 hours, on average, due to traffic congestion in 2014."

(Source: Denver Business Journal)


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This PEL study process is the first step in understanding critical transportation problems and needs in this portion of I-25.

What have we done?
The project team has worked with local agency representatives and area stakeholders to identify needs and opportunities, which then informed the Purpose and Need Statement of the PEL. Using data on existing conditions and potential changes, the project team developed multiple alternatives for the study area. These alternatives have completed evaluation based on Purpose and Need, and goals and objectives, and were presented to the public at a public meeting on June 2019.

What are we currently doing?
The alternatives remaining after the evaluation are being repackaged and evaluated, using models and analytics to determine the impacts, both positive and negative, alternatives could have on the study area.

What is next?
The remaining alternatives and evaluation results will be presented to stakeholders for input. That input, evaluation results, and other technical data will be compiled into the PEL report, which is anticipated to be completed in late Fall 2019.

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