Survey Findings

The I-25 survey has gathered input from more than a 1,000 Coloradans, ranging from Denver and Arapahoe to Pueblo and Eagle counties. The survey’s goal was to capture the priorities, needs, concerns, and uses of I-25 Central users and communities. The input was considered in evaluating alternatives for the PEL.

The following data is exclusive to people who completed the survey.

Reason for Travel

Survey respondents showed a wide range of uses for I-25 Central, with the majority using the segment to access downtown for work, short trips, and recreation. The chart shows the type and predominance of users’ reasons for travel (respondents could select more than one reason).

Travel Mode

Though the majority of respondents travel I-25 Central by vehicle (single-occupancy and carpool), respondents also highlighted multimodal transportation as important travel modes. The chart below shows the wide variety of travel modes along the I-25 Central corridor (respondents could select more than one mode).


Frequency of Usage

Approximately 75% of survey respondents use I-25 Central at least once a week, with most traveling the corridor several times per week.

In addition, the survey prompted respondents to provide their home and work ZIP codes. This gives a picture of where people are coming from and going to--and, as the map shows, the project study area is critical in getting people to their destinations.