Lessons Learned Through the Application of the I-70 Mountain Corridor CSS Guidance

Respecting the Core Value of sustainability, two elements allow for improvements and changes to the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) Guidance material: Lessons Learned and the Amendment Process.

Lessons Learned captures the contribution of the engineers, planners, estimators, public involvement professionals, agency representatives, and all of the “developers” of the I-70 Mountain Corridor.

Pass on what you have learned to future users – be it an easier way, a new idea, an evolving trend, or a changing resource. Your additions will keep this Web site the repository of good, current, and accurate information for anyone embarking on a corridor project.

Your work on the corridor makes you a stakeholder, and your additions make you an author of the Web site. Help us leave a legacy to the I-70 Mountain Corridor.

To submit your Lessons Learned:

1. Download the template.

2. Complete the template.

3. Email the template as an attachment to [email protected].

The I-70 CSS team will review the lesson, contact you if they need additional information, and publish the lesson.

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