What is Bus Rapid Transit?

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high-quality bus-based system, providing quicker and more reliable transportation along congested urban roads for all travelers.

A BRT system has the following features:

  • Rail-like operation with dedicated bus lanes and/or signal priority
  • Stations instead of stops, including sidewalk improvements and station amenities
  • Community improvement, providing a better experience than local bus service
Rendering of what a BRT station could look like.
Rendering of what a BRT station could look like. Final BRT elements and design will be different than displayed. The graphic shows a bus stopped at a BRT station. The sign placed under the overhang of the station shelter reads, “BRT arriving in five minutes.” The graphic points out the following station features: frequent on-time service, enhanced station with seating, enhanced fare and collection systems, and dedicated lanes for the bus where possible. The bus features include comfortable seating, level boarding for safe wheelchair access and transit signal priority.