Colorado Boulevard Corridor Plan

About the Plan

CDOT, in collaboration with the Regional Transportation District (RTD), the City and County of Denver, and the City of Glendale, is working on a corridor plan on Colorado Boulevard from East 52nd Avenue to East Hampden Avenue. The plan will analyze multimodal infrastructure needs and identify necessary improvements that will benefit all travelers and support a future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route. Public input is key to the planning process.

Colorado Boulevard is a state highway and predominantly a commercial corridor connecting people to jobs, schools, healthcare, open spaces, and many other key resources and destinations. Colorado Boulevard is the only major arterial on the city's east side that moves people between the northern and southern boundaries of Denver and connects to the city of Glendale. It is, without a doubt, a significant backbone of activity for both Denver and Glendale. And yet, Colorado Boulevard can be a difficult street to travel by any means other than an automobile.

Over the last century, Colorado Boulevard has evolved to move significant levels of daily traffic as efficiently as possible. However, what has resulted is a busy and congested corridor that doesn’t work well for all road users. Colorado Boulevard is a part of Denver's high-injury network, with nearly 90 serious injury crashes in the past five years. Thirteen of these crashes resulted in someone losing their life, and three of these deaths were someone walking or riding a bike.

To improve conditions and travel on Colorado Boulevard, CDOT and partner agencies are launching the Colorado Boulevard Corridor Plan. The project team will assess existing conditions, engage people using the corridor to better understand individual experiences, and develop a strategy for making improvements in the short and long term. This project will also begin discussion on the development of BRT service, which is projected to be operational by 2030.

This webpage will include communication, knowledge sharing, and feedback opportunities for the Colorado Boulevard Corridor Plan project. As the project progresses, you will be able to use this webpage to find information about the project history and background, learn about potential project elements, review findings from outreach activities, and stay up to date on upcoming public events and project progress.

Schedule & Important Dates

  • Planning timeline: Summer 2023 to Summer 2024
  • Location: Colorado Boulevard from East 52nd Street to East Hampden Avenue
  • Involved agencies and municipalities: CDOT, RTD, City and County of Denver, City of Glendale

  • Identify barriers to safe travel along Colorado Boulevard
  • Engage with surrounding neighborhoods along the corridor to determine how residents use Colorado Boulevard, and how those patterns may have changed over time
  • Identify gaps in the pedestrian, bicycle, and transit networks
  • Make multimodal infrastructure improvements that benefit people walking, rolling, bicycling, and taking transit
  • Begin engagement for BRT on Colorado Boulevard
  • Design eight rapid implementation safety projects

Fall/Winter 2023

  • Analysis of existing conditions
  • Stakeholder working group meeting #1
  • Intercept interviews on Colorado Boulevard

Winter 2024

  • Equity analysis
  • Active transportation gaps prioritization
  • Focus group sessions
  • Preparation of draft designs for rapid implementation safety improvements
  • Stakeholder working group meeting #2

Spring/Summer 2024

  • Stakeholder working group meeting #3
  • Preparation of final designs for rapid implementation safety improvements
  • Final corridor plan