Safety Performance & Engineering

Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

The Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (STSP) establishes a collaborative and shared vision and mission for transportation safety in Colorado. The STSP identifies the key safety needs in Colorado for guiding investment decisions towards strategies and countermeasures with the highest potential to save lives and prevent injuries.

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Safety Circuit Rider

In 2005, the Federal Highway Administration identified an opportunity to enhance safety service primarily to serve counties and local agencies. The Colorado Department of Transportation, in partnership with the FHWA and Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), created the Safety Circuit Rider to provide safety related information and training to support Colorado local agencies responsible for roadway safety.

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Performance Dashboards

Transportation safety is a top priority for Colorado. CDOT Traffic & Engineering Services developed performance dashboards displaying all reporting public roadway crashes in Colorado to better understand numbers, causes, types, and locations of crashes in order to develop effective countermeasures.

Disclaimer: Colorado traffic crashes as presented in the dashboard are approximate and subject to change. The official number of traffic fatalities in Colorado can be found on NHTSA's Fatal Analysis Reporting Systems (FARS) site.

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Access Management Program

Access Management is the coordinated planning, regulation, and design of access between roadways and land development.  It encompasses a range of methods that promote the efficient and safe movement of people and goods by reducing conflicts on the roadway system and at its interface with other modes of travel. 

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Work Zone Safety

With all roadway construction comes equipment, works, and daily changes in the road and alignment that may impact the safety and operations of the roads you may travel. As a result, it is critical that we all do a part in creating a safer work zone.

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