Prompt Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prompt Payment?

Prompt payment is a requirement that all contractors with lower tier subcontractors or suppliers are contractually
obligated to pay their subcontractors and suppliers promptly upon receiving payment either from CDOT, the prime contractor, or other subprime contractor. 

What are CDOT's Prompt Payment Requirements?

CDOT's prompt payment requirements are outlined in Section 109.6(e) of the standard construction specifications. Prime contractors must pay their subcontractors and suppliers within 7 days of receiving payment from CDOT. Similarly, those subs must then pay lower tier contractors within 7 days of receiving payment from the prime. 

How Does CDOT Monitor Prompt Payment Compliance?

Once a month, all contractors actively working on a CDOT construction project will receive an email notification from the B2GNow system, asking them to confirm receipt of payment for the prior month's work. Upon receiving this email, a contractor has 15 days to either confirm or dispute the payment information on record in B2GNow. If a contractor fails to report a dispute within this timeframe, the contractor waives their right to CDOT's involvement in resolving the discrepancy.

ANY AND ALL payment discrepancies should be reported through B2GNow. 

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Getting Help

For help navigating the B2GNow system, please contact:

Cat Wood, Subcontractor Compliance Specialist

For help with DBE compliance on your project, please contact:

Region Civil Rights Offices

For more information about prompt payment regulations, please contact:

Jun Arcilla, DBE Program Manager