Flowchart 10: Project Acceptance

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Notify your CDOT project manager two to three weeks prior to the completion of the project to schedule the project final inspection. The CDOT project manager will schedule the final inspection with you; your attendance at the final inspection review is mandatory. On FHWA full oversight projects, FHWA must also be invited.

You are responsible for conducting the final walk-though review meeting.

The CDOT project manager or resident engineer performs the final inspection. After the inspection, CDOT completes the on-site visit information on CDOT Form 1212 Final Acceptance Report for Federal-Aid Projects. CDOT Form 1212 is required for all federal-aid projects.

At the final inspection, you will develop a punch list of any remaining work items to be addressed by the contractor prior to your issuance of final acceptance. The contractor must correct items listed on the punch list and any unacceptable work and notify your agency upon completion of the punchlist.

You are responsible for verifying all punch list items have been satisfactorily addressed. If items have not been satisfactorily addressed, notify the contractor who must work to resolve any outstanding items.

Upon acceptance of the project, you must submit an electronically signed project acceptance letter to the contractor. Standard requirements for the acceptance letter are in Section 100 of the CDOT Construction Manual, (120.3.2 Acceptance Letters). The letter should identify any documents that need to be submitted by the contractor. The contractor's retainage may be reduced in accordance with subsection 109.06 of the CDOT Standard Specifications.

You are required to send a copy of the final acceptance letter to the CDOT project manager.

Project acceptance stops time count and releases the contractor from liability and from repairs or maintenance to completed work.

Immediately after project acceptance, you will advertise the project for final settlement. The notice must be published at least twice in a public newspaper of general circulation published in the counties where the work was contracted for and performed, or electronically on the website where the project was originally advertised.

The final settlement date is the first business day at least 10 days after the second publication date (refer to Colorado Revised Statute 38-26-107, Supplier may file statement—notice—withholding funds).

Send an electronic copy of the final settlement notice to the CDOT project manager.

The contractor must prepare and submit final documentation to you in order to receive final payment and to demonstrate contract compliance.