Flowchart 8: Award to Contractor Mobilization

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Following receipt of the CDOT Concurrence to Award notification, you should send the Notice of Award letter to the contractor along with an invitation to the preconstruction conference. You should also send an electronic copy of the invitation to the preconstruction conference to the CDOT project manager. (See Flowchart 7 for more information on this step.) Additional information is provided in the FHWA video on nondiscrimination requirements on construction contracts.

You should file project documentation and project records in ProjectWise Explorer / Project Share after being provided access by your CDOT project manager. You are responsible for filing submittals, forms, project records and supporting documents in ProjectWise Explorer / Project Share on an ongoing basis in accordance with the location identified on the Construction Engineering Record File Plan (Record File Plan).

CDOT is transitioning from paper to accepting all submittals, forms, project records and supporting documents in electronic format on local agency projects.  During the transition period from paper to electronic medium, unless specifically stated, documents and forms listed on this website will be accepted from the local agency in paper or electronic format, although electronic format is preferred and may be required by the CDOT Engineering Region where the project is located.  Adobe Sign shall be the software used for electronic sealing and signatures on project records which require a seal or signature.

You are responsible for providing sets of the award plans and specifications in electronic format to your CDOT project manager for distribution within CDOT. Confirm the number of required sets with your CDOT project manager. You must also place into ProjectWise Explorer / Project Share an 11-by-17-inch record set electronically sealed by a Colorado registered professional engineer within 45 days of award.

If the Form 1243 Local Agency Contract Administration Checklist has been revised since issuance, you should also distribute signed copies in electronic format as shown on the checklist.

As soon as you receive the Concurrence to Award, send an electronically sealed set of plans to your CDOT project manager.

Before construction commences on the project, the contractor must submit a Project Safety Management Plan in electronic format to you that is compliant with Section 107.06 of the CDOT Construction Manual. The contractor is expected to comply with the plan at all times. Safety is of the highest priority on any project in which CDOT participates or oversees, which includes your project.

It is recommended that you require contractor submittals be turned in at least three working days prior to the preconstruction conference. Submittals can then be reviewed and any deficiencies discussed at the conference. The following submittals are required from the contractor (see the forms section on this site for copies of the forms):

  1. List of contractor's representatives as identified in the preconstruction conference agenda in electronic format

  2. CDOT Form 205 Sublet Permit Application
    If the contractor is subcontracting any work, this form must be submitted in electronic format and approved by the local agency before the subcontractor can begin work. The contractor needs to complete a separate Form 205 for each subcontractor. This includes professional services and trucking companies.

    You must check each form and either submit the original signed forms to your CDOT project manager, who will forward them to the Region Civil Rights Manager, or route the form in Adobe Sign for electronic signatures. The subcontractor may not begin work until the Form 205 has been reviewed by the CDOT region civil rights manager, approved by the local agency project manager, and the subcontract has been fully executed between the contractor and the subcontractor. Physical subcontracts may be requested by you or CDOT.

  3. CDOT Form 1425 Suppliers List
    The list must include all material sources and suppliers. Include the item to be supplied, company name, address, telephone number, contact person, and minority/non-minority status. See the "Special Notice to Contractors" in the CDOT Field Materials Manual, and subsection 106.01 of the CDOT Standard Specifications. You are required to check the form and either submit the original signed form to the CDOT project manager or route the form for electronic signatures in Adobe Sign.

  4. Letter in electronic format to your project manager stating names, trades, and approved programs to be used for required trainees on this project
    This is needed if trainees are required on the project. CDOT Form 1337 is required by the contractor to meet OJT requirements prior to the contractor starting work.

  5. Procedure for handling EEO complaints
    The procedure needs to detail who, what, when, where, and how an employee can file a complaint within the contractor's organization and a means for filing a complaint outside of the company.

  6. Method of monitoring subcontractor EEO compliance
    The contractor needs to outline its process to monitor subcontractor compliance with all the regulations.

  7. CDOT Form 465 – Non-discrimination in employment notice (labor unions or other worker's organizations)
    If CDOT Form 465 is being used for recruitment, it should be addressed to the recruitment source. If the form is not being used to recruit applicants, it should be addressed to Employees/Applicants.

  8. Contractor supervisory EEO meeting minutes and attendance roster in electronic format
    You are responsible for ensuring that a meeting was conducted in the past year, all EEO issues were addressed, and the supervisor/superintendent for the project is on the list of attendees. The contractor is required to conduct periodic meetings of supervisory and personnel office employees before start of work and not less often than once every six months during the project.

  9. An agenda and tentative date for the contractor's first project EEO meeting
    This meeting must be conducted as soon as a representative workforce is on the project. After the meeting is held, the contractor must submit the minutes and the attendance roster in electronic format to you showing that a majority of the workforce attended the meeting. Subcontractors who are not present for the initial meeting must conduct their own EEO meeting and documentation of the meetings must be provided to you.

  10. Contractor's method of handling traffic
    A specific method of handling traffic (MHT) must be submitted in hard copy or electronic format for each traffic pattern, as detailed by the traffic control plan in the contract. You must review the MHT and either approve or return it for revisions. Once the MHT is approved, the contractor, traffic control supervisor, and your professional engineer must sign it.

  11. Work schedule bar chart or critical path method schedule (at the direction of your CDOT project manager) and a methods statement in electronic format
    The statements are required at least ten working days prior to the start of work. Schedules and methods statements are described in subsection 108.03 of the CDOT Standard Specifications.

  12. Certificate of insurance (subsection 107.15 of the CDOT Standard Specifications) in electronic format
    You are required to obtain the certificate of insurance from the contractor prior to the Notice to Proceed or commencement of work. You must check the expiration date on this document to make sure that insurance coverage does not expire prior to project completion. The policy shall name your agency as primary insured and CDOT as an additional insured. Should coverage expire, you must receive a renewal certificate from the contractor.

  13. Asphalt and concrete mix designs in electronic format must be submitted 2 weeks prior to incorporation into the project. Approval is required for incorporation. 

You are responsible for issuing a Notice to Proceed to the contractor. The contractor may not commence work prior to receiving the Notice to Proceed. Follow the Project Special Provisions and the CDOT Standard Specifications, subsection 108.02, to ensure this notice contains the correct information. You must copy the CDOT project manager on the Notice to Proceed.

You are responsible for scheduling a pre-construction meeting for the project. Invitations should be sent to the CDOT project manager and to FHWA, if the project is under FHWA oversight.

You will conduct the preconstruction conference. Information on conducting the conference and the required contractor submittals can be found in the CDOT Construction Manual and the Preconstruction Conference Agenda Form.

Following the conference, a completed copy of the agenda and minutes in electronic format should be sent to each attendee. One copy should also be sent to the FHWA if your project is a federal oversight project.

Civil rights posters for the contractor's bulletin board can be accessed on CDOT's website.

You review submittals received from the contractor at the preconstruction meeting and forward submittals, as appropriate, to the CDOT project manager. Examples of submittals to forward include those pertaining to EEO and MHTs.

One or more of the following conferences may be required depending upon the nature of the project: Presurvey, Construction Staking, Monumentation, Partnering, Structural Concrete Pre-Pour, Concrete Pavement Pre-Paving, and Hot Mix Asphalt Pre-Paving. See the CDOT Construction Manual for further information and sample agendas.

You distribute a public notice announcing the project to affected parties such as adjacent property owners or businesses. This can be accomplished with a newspaper item, fliers distributed by hand, email, city or county website, and/or other means of mass communication. The information should include a project description and schedule as well as any impacts to the traveling public.