High Performance Transportation Enterprise Board Meeting Information

February 18, 2014 - Statewide Transportation Plan - DENVER/NORTHEAST COLORADO — The High Performance Transportation Enterprise Board meeting will be held tomorrow beginning at 12 p.m. at CDOT headquarters.

CDOT anticipates that a number of people will show up at the Headquarters Building to offer public comment either during the meeting or prior to and after the meeting.  Given auditorium capacity and fire code restrictions, CODT is establishing the following protocol:

Accommodations:  Due to fire code restrictions, space will be limited for people to attend the HPTE Board meeting in the Auditorium.  With the required staff and board members attending the meeting, the auditorium can accommodate 75 members of the general public.

To facilitate those individuals interested in speaking and sitting in the auditorium, CDOT will provide a sign-up sheet outside and escort those individuals into the facility.  For those who are still interested in remaining on the property, CDOT will establish an area in front of the building for them to gather. As a reminder, illegal possession of a firearm(s) or weapon of any kind is prohibited at work or on state property.

Public Comments: The HPTE agenda provides for 30 minutes of public comment.  In order to better accommodate those who wish to speak, HPTE will be extending the comment period to one hour.  CDOT will ask people to sign-up prior to the beginning of the meeting.  On the sign-up, individuals will be asked to indicate should they prefer to speak in favor or against the concession agreement.  The chair will alternate between pro and con speakers.  Each speaker will be limited to three minutes. Given the time allotted, it is estimated there will be approximately time for 10 speakers on each side of the issue.