New flashing yellow turn arrow at US 24/US 285 junction enables permissive left-hand turns

March 24, 2014 - Southwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 5 - Signal also set up to allow for non-interrupted traffic flow from adjacent bridge construction

CHAFFEE COUNTY, CO – The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) installed new traffic signal heads at the intersection of US 24/US 285 just west of Johnson Village. The upgrades enable smoother traffic flow at the junction as they enable turning movements based on traffic volumes.

A flashing left-turn arrow was installed for southbound traffic (from Buena Vista) turning eastbound (towards Johnson Village or Denver). A flashing left-turn arrow gives drivers a “permissive” left turn, meaning they can turn left when there is a safe break in traffic. Previously, southbound drivers could only turn left when they received a green arrow, and stopped on a red arrow. The flashing yellow (which is also signed above “yield to oncoming traffic”) improves the mobility at the junction by allowing this left-turn movement to occur more frequently throughout the day and night.

A southbound left-turning driver does still receive a “protected” green left-turn arrow as well, if he or she has been waiting for a break in traffic for at least seven seconds. In-pavement loop detection will recognize a waiting vehicle, and the turn arrow will then turn green. During this green “protected” left-turn phase, oncoming northbound traffic will get a red light. A new pedestrian signal will also enable those on foot to safely cross.

An added bonus from the recent work:  during the adjacent bridge replacement project on US 24/285 over the UPRR in Johnson Village, traffic-control personnel will now be able to switch the westbound (from Johnson Village) signal to green as periodic construction traffic queues are clearing.

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