US 160/550 CFI in Durango - Pedestrian Improvements On Camino Del Rio Are Underway

March 28, 2014 - PROJECT PROGRESS UPDATE - Southwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 5 - DURANGO, CO — Work began last week on the US 160/550 Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) project that will lessen congestion in an area that sees the largest motorized traffic volumes on the Western Slope.

However, improving congestion is just one aspect of the CFI project. Enhancing safety for multi-modal users—cyclists and pedestrians—is also a project goal. This past week, work began on pedestrian improvements in the vicinity of the intersection of Camino del Rio (US 550) and College Avenue.

Colorado Department of Transportation contractor Concrete Works of Colorado, Inc., has constructed the first of three raised crosswalks and triangular islands at College and Camino del Rio. This pedestrian safety tool is new to the Durango community, and was adapted from busy signalized intersection designs of Boulder, CO.

The raised crossings (also known as a speed tables) create a six-inch rise in the right-turn motorized travel lanes, providing a physical reminder to motorists to slow down and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. The top of the crossing is flat to aid pedestrian crossings and to make pedestrians more visible. The triangular island provides pedestrian refuge and creates shorter crossing distances where pedestrians are physically in the roadway.

“At a conventional signalized intersection, right-turning motorists are often presented with yielding to pedestrians and merging with traffic at the same time,” said CDOT Designer and Project Engineer Tommy Humphrey. “The pedestrian-friendly layout of these raised crosswalks causes right-hand-turning motorists to focus first on the pedestrian and, once past the crossing, focus on merging into traffic.”

Items such as pedestrian crossing signs, pedestrian push buttons and pavement markings will all remain, and will be completed in the coming weeks.  American Disability Act (ADA) compliant sidewalk ramps were also installed on west College Drive across the Alberstons driveways, and at the NW and SW corners of Camino del Rio and 7th Street. The sidewalk connection from the SWCCC Commons building to College Drive (which required saw-cutting the top of a one-foot thick retaining wall) is also nearly complete.


  • One-lane closures on north- and southbound US 550 during the anticipated hours of 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

  • Work will also take place on the east side of US 550/Camino del Rio from College Ave to 8th Street – pedestrian traffic will have slight detours and temporary ramps

  • On west 9th Street, there will be half-road closures:  westbound 9th Street will be closed in the morning hours and eastbound will be closed in the evening hours; Tech Center commuters will want to take an alternate route other than 9th Street to access Roosa

  • Lane closures are also expected on College Avenue

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