US 6 Bridges Design Build Project Surveys Local Residents Regarding the Future of the Lowell/Perry Exit Ramp

March 27, 2014 - Denver Metro Colorado/CDOT Region 1 - DENVER – Throughout March, as part of the US 6 Bridges Design-Build Project, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has sought input regarding the westbound US 6 exit to Lowell/Perry.

Public communication has been ongoing, with input sought for several months prior through public meetings and additional community outreach. CDOT wants to hear from Denver residents who live near this off-ramp, particularly from the Villa Park and Barnum neighborhood residents, to gauge their interest in permanently closing this ramp. The issue is how to best improve traffic flow along US 6 at this off-ramp. The challenge of blending new roadway improvements with pre-existing infrastructure is evident on the US 6 Bridges Design-Build project, where planned highway improvements could interfere with the operation of the westbound US 6 off-ramp to Lowell/Perry.

“We are trying to strike a balance between providing safe, efficient travel for highway commuters with neighborhood access needs. Before decisions are made, we want to know what the Villa Park and Barnum Residents prefer happen in this area” said Amy Ford, CDOT Communication Director.

At issue is the introduction of new lanes along the north side of US 6 that will eventually carry traffic from I-25 to westbound US 6. These barrier-separated lanes will carry traffic destined for the western suburbs and merge them with westbound US 6 in the vicinity of the Lowell/Perry off-ramp. In an attempt to avoid crossing exiting traffic with merging traffic, the department is looking into and seeking input on options that would improve driver safety while still maintaining neighborhood access.

There are two options on the table for the Lowell/Perry off-ramp from westbound US 6.

  • One option would permanently close the off-ramp; this would mean that local residents would no longer be able to use this particular exit but would still have access to their respective neighborhoods from either Federal Boulevard or Sheridan Boulevard.
  • The second option would provide access onto the Lowell/Perry off-ramp further east near the I-25 interchange. This option would provide a traffic weave similar to the one that existed at the recently closed Bryant Street Ramp just west of I-25.

One of these options includes permanently closing this off-ramp and having local residents use either Federal Boulevard to the east or Sheridan Boulevard to the west to get to their neighborhood.

To determine how residents feel about the closure option, CDOT launched an online survey, welcomed feedback through the project information hotline and met with Registered Neighborhood Organization leaders and community members. A door-to-door survey was also conducted with residents living closest to this off-ramp, and efforts are now underway to expand the boundaries of this door-to-door outreach.

The survey closes Friday, April 4, and residents living near this ramp are encouraged to provide feedback by logging onto or calling 720-881-5540.

Survey findings aside, the Lowell/Perry off-ramp will close for an extended period when construction shifts westbound US 6 traffic further to the south, temporarily eliminating access to the existing exit ramp. This traffic shift is currently slated to take place in mid to late April and westbound traffic will be in that alignment for about six months while work on the north side of the highway focuses on drainage lines, build retaining walls and constructing the collector-distributor lanes that will funnel traffic from I-25 to westbound US 6. While the off-ramp is closed for construction, motorists will need to use Federal or Sheridan boulevards to access their neighborhood. This closure will occur should the final decision be to permanently close or to leave open the Lowell/Perry Off-ramp.

The $98 million US 6 Bridges Design-Build Project will replace six obsolete bridges on US 6 between Knox Court and I-25, improve traffic movements in the I-25 and US 6 interchange and enhance driver safety by eliminating several traffic weave movements along US 6 between Federal Boulevard and I-25. Substantial project completion is planned for August 2015.

For updated project information, visit, call 720-881-5540 or email [email protected]

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