Colorado Cracks Down on DUIs, Especially in Work Zones

August 15, 2014 - Traffic Safety - STATEWIDE—As Labor Day approaches, marking the symbolic end of summer, many people are jamming in as many events as possible before the end of August.

As Coloradans and visitors plan their August activities, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Colorado State Patrol (CSP) encourage all bar hoppers, concert goers, campers, backyard BBQ partiers, festival celebrators and everyone in between to plan ahead with a safe way to and from their activities.

Beginning Friday, Aug. 15 and going through Tuesday, Sept. 2, CDOT, CSP and law enforcement agencies throughout the state will step up their DUI education and enforcement through The Heat Is On campaign. CDOT is also at the peak of its roadway construction season, with many overnight closures occurring in order to complete work with the least amount of impact on motorists. To keep CDOT crews safe, law enforcement will also be heightening enforcement in areas leading up to work zones, for example at US 6 and I-25.

“We know many people are trying to maximize their fun at the end of the summer, but that’s no excuse to act irresponsibly and drive impaired,” said Col. Scott Hernandez, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “Planning ahead and having a sober driver, taking a Lyft or cab, or using public transit will always be cheaper than risking driving impaired and dealing with the consequences of a DUI.”

Last year’s enforcement resulted in 1,321 DUI arrests and CDOT is working to remind people that planning ahead is easy and always a better alternative than a $10,000 DUI and a ride to jail in a police vehicle.

“We want people to have a good time but also be safe, so for three consecutive Fridays in August we found a way to make it easier than ever to do so,” said Amy Ford, Director of Communication at CDOT. “We’ve partnered with Lyft and a Lower Downtown Denver parking lot to provide free overnight parking and $20 Lyft vouchers to the attendees of our parking lot takeover, called Last Call Lots.”

On Aug. 15, 22 and 29 CDOT is launching Last Call Lots which will take place in the parking lot at 2060 Larimer St. in downtown Denver and providing free overnight parking, $20 Lyft vouchers to get home safely and back downtown to pick up their car in the morning. The Lobby and Hi Rise are partnering with Last Call Lots and providing breakfast discounts the following morning. There are 30 parking spots available that are first come, first serve. Participants can park any time after 6 p.m. and can pick up their car the following morning before 10 a.m. without being charged. Security guards will be on-site overnight to ensure the cars are secured and no one has the opportunity to drive home impaired.

Last Call Lots are open to anyone who is looking to have a good time, while also being responsible. People can learn more about the event by heading to or searching the hashtag #LastCallLots on Facebook.

The Heat Is On runs the entire year with 12 specific DUI enforcement periods centered on national holidays and large, public events. More details about the DUI enforcement plans and arrest results can be found at