CDOT to Address Pipe Work as Crews Finalize US 36 Flood Reconstruction Project

October 17, 2014 - Northeastern Colorado/CDOT Region 4 - Additional work and lane closures needed to protect roadway.

BOULDER AND LARIMER COUNTIES — The floods of 2013 are continuing to have an impact on the completion of the permanent repair work on US 36 between Lyons and Estes Park.

Because of some additional work that was outside the original scope of the project near Mile Marker (MM) 7, crews are about 20 days behind schedule, but the main road work, including striping and guard rail, should be complete in the next two weeks with minimal impacts on traffic.

Two other areas where sediment-clogged pipes under the roadway have caused erosion will need to be repaired. These areas were also outside the original scope of the project but crews on the project have been watching them and now believe they need to be addressed.

“The bigger things are now complete,” says CDOT Engineer Chris Boespflug. “It makes better sense, from a financial and traffic impact perspective, to address these issues now. The alternative would be to have crews address it next summer. We think the timing is better now.”

While the work on one of those areas, at MM 14.77, will have minimal impacts on traffic because the work will be done in the climbing lane, the other site, at MM 11.8 near Pinewood Springs, will require closing of one lane with flaggers while the work is completed.

All of this additional work is expected to be completed by the end of November.

The additional work near MM 7.7 included asphalt milling, asphalt paving, replacement of guardrail and some placement of large rocks to support and reinforce the embankment. This was needed because the flood washed out the guardrail there and since the stream also narrows through there, the flood changed the flows of the stream, creating a new waterfall that the project team had to adjust for. This work added approximately 20 working days to the original schedule.

These repairs at MM14.77 and 11.8 will remove and replace the failed pipe allowing for improved storm water drainage and help to level the highway for a smoother driving experience.

Maximum delays of 15 minutes from Lyons to Estes can be expected through the end of construction.

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