CDOT Upgrades Traffic/Weather Cameras throughout State

November 12, 2014 - ENHANCED TRAVELER INFORMATION - Statewide Transportation Plan - STATEWIDE – The Colorado Department of Transportation has installed a new traffic and weather camera at the T-junction of US 24 and US 285 at Johnson Village (just south of Buena Vista) today, as part of a $1.01 million project to upgrade the Department’s traveler communications network.

The project will install 80 (see list, below) new stand-alone “live view” cameras across the state, either adding to or replacing some of the existing 422 cameras already has in place, all visible on CDOT’s traveler information site at The total cost of the project includes one year of service and is paid for through CDOT’s RAMP program, or Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships (

The new camera at Johnson Village (or Antero Junction) can now rotate to show traffic and roadway/weather conditions on all three approaches (north, south and east), whereas the previous camera could only show an east view. All still camera shots, as before, can be viewed by the public on COTRIP.

“We are working to systematically improve travel time reliability and safety on our highways through programs and activities that demonstrate measurable benefits and make the best use of our funding,” CDOT’s Director of Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSM&O) Ryan Rice said. “These new cameras help improve the accuracy and timeliness of our traveler information by helping people make informed decisions about their travel and will also help us identify and manage traffic incidents more effectively.”

Camera installation has been underway this summer and will continue through the winter, becoming accessible on the COTRIP site as they come online. The cameras use solar-powered technology and cellular communication, which has opened up new possibilities for viewing conditions in more areas, particularly on mountain passes where there are little or no options for “plug-in” equipment.

“Most of our existing cameras operate on routes where CDOT has fiber optic lines next to the roadway; we've always wanted to expand the camera network to places with limited communications infrastructure,” said Rod Mead, operations manager of CDOT’s Colorado Traffic Management Center in Golden. “Until recently, the technology was not mature enough.”

To view camera shots, COTRIP site visitors will choose “Devices” from the top menu, then “Cameras” from the right-side menu. Site visitors can also check Signs and Weather Stations from this menu, further enhancing their trip information gathering. CDOT has some 422 traffic cameras installed across the state and accessible on the COTRIP site.

Camera installations throughout CDOT’s five regions (see regional map at will be, or have been, installed at the following locations, below. Most locations have been given site names, with highway and mile marker (MM) listed. (To locate a mile marker on a particular highway, please go to, and choose “Traffic Data; either zoom in on the highway on the map and find the given MM, or key in a county or city and then zoom in.)



(Denver Metro and west through Clear Creek and Gilpin counties) – No new cameras were needed; those existing all work on fiber optic network.



Node Building
Highway/MM: I-25 MM 121.15


Highway/MM: I-25 MM 68.00


South of Walsenburg
Highway/MM: I-25 MM 45.90


El Moro Rest Area
Highway/MM: I-25 MM 17.85


Summit Raton Pass
Highway/MM: I-25 MM 1.00


East of Holly
Highway/MM: 50 MM 456.10


Junction of HWY 50 & 287
Highway/MM: 50 MM 427.73


Old Hadly Rest Area
Highway/MM:50 MM 388.69


West of Fowler
Highway/MM: 50 MM 344.00


Junction of HWY 50 & 45
Highway/MM: 50 MM 312.00



Summit of Loveland Pass
Highway/MM: US 6 MM 225.05


West side of Loveland Pass
Highway/MM: US 6 MM 223.5


Skyway parking lot
Highway/MM: Hwy 65 MM 32.8


Big Cut
Highway/MM: Hwy 141 MM 128


McClure Pass summit
Highway/MM: Hwy 133 MM 42.9


Redstone entrance
Highway/MM: Hwy 133 MM 51.7


East side

Highway/MM: Hwy 133 MM 30


Sunny Side Bridge
Highway/MM: Hwy 330 MM 8


Blue River
Highway/MM: Hwy 9 MM 84


Patrol turnaround
Highway/MM: Hwy 9 MM 80


Region boundary
Highway/MM: Hwy 9 MM 114.1


Cut Area
Highway/MM: Hwy 9 MM 124


Highway/MM: Hwy 133 MM 24.5


East side of Hwy
Highway/MM: Hwy 149 MM 54.97


Highway/MM: Hwy 92 MM 55.1


East side of Hwy
Highway/MM: Hwy 114 MM 19


East side of Hwy 149
Highway/MM: Hwy 149 MM 42.43


Large wide area
Highway/MM: Hwy 131 MM 8.9


Dillon Pinnacles
Highway/MM: US 50 MM 136


Pine Creek
Highway/MM: US 50 MM 127.3


Jct. of Hwy 114 and US 50
Highway/MM: US 50 MM 165.11


Muddy Pass
Highway/MM: HWY 40 MM 157.3


Highway/MM: HWY40 MM 141.5


Highway/MM: HWY 13 MM 71.5


Sand Creek
Highway/MM: HWY 13 MM 113.5


WY/CO Border
Highway/MM: HWY127 MM 9.0


Willow Creek Pass
Highway/MM: HWY125 MM 21.6


Highway/MM: HWY 64 MM 39.2


Garfield/Rio Blanco County Line
Highway/MM: HWY 139 MM 39.3


Red Dirt Hill
Highway/MM: HWY131 MM 26.5


Rifle Falls Reservoir
Highway/MM: HWY 325 MM 6.0


Gore Pass Summit
Highway/MM: HWY 134 MM 16.1


Cameron Pass west
Highway/MM: HWY 14 MM 61.0


West Summit Rabbit Ears Pass
Highway/MM: HWY 40 MM 147


Region 4

Highway/MM: Hwy 40H mile 425.5


Last Chance
Highway/MM: Hwy 71D mile 138


Matheson hill
Highway/MM: Hwy 24G mile 365.8


County Line
Highway/MM: Hwy 52 MM 105.2


Highway/MM: I-76 MM 108


County Line

Highway/MM: Hwy 63 MM 48.5


County Line
Highway/MM: Hwy 61 MM 21.70


Weld County Road 2
Highway/MM: Hwy 85 MM 23


Hwy 392
Highway/MM: Hwy 85 MM 272.5


Hwy 14/HWY 85
Highway/MM: Hwy 85 MM 280


Highway/MM: Hwy 34 at MM 137


Highway/MM: Hwy 34 at MM 99


Highway/MM: Hwy 52 at MM 61


State line
Highway/MM: Hwy 287 MM 385


Hwy 14
Highway/MM: Hwy 287 MM 65


Cameron Pass Summit
Highway/MM: Hwy 14 MM 65


Highway/MM: Hwy 14 MM 61


Hwy 287 at Hwy 56
Highway/MM: Hwy 56 MM 325


Hwy 72/ Hwy 7
Highway/MM: Hwy 72 MM 54


Hwy 119/ Hwy 72
Highway/MM: Hwy 119 MM 23


Boulder Canyon Narrows
Highway/MM:  Hwy 119 MM 33


Hwy 93/ Hwy 128
Highway/MM: Hwy 93 MM 12


Region 5

Rail Road Crossing
Highway/MM: SH 17 MM 4.02


Highway/MM: SH145 MM 62


Highway/MM: SH 145 MM 48.70


Dallas Divide
Highway/MM: SH 62 MM 17.0


Antero Junction
Highway/MM: US285/US 24 Intersection


Highway/MM: US 550 MM 92.1


Trout Creek Pass
Highway/MM: US 24 MM 225.56


Cochetopa Pass
Highway/MM: HWY 114 MM 41


County Line (Mineral/Hinsdale)
Highway/MM: HWY 149 MM 43


Highway/MM: US 24 MM 193


Highway/MM: US 285 MP 12.8


MM 17


State Line (Costilla County)
Highway/MM: HWY 159 MM .2


State Line (Conejos County)
Highway/MM: HWY 285 MM .2


Be Informed and Stay Connected: The best way to stay up-to-date on project progress, traffic impacts and more is to sign up for email and wireless (text) alerts. Go to CDOT's web site at and click on the green cell phone icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. Enter your information and choose the section of the state you would like to receive information about. Or, go to or call 511 from anywhere in the state.