What Can I Do?


  • Report any illegal discharges
  • Report any ineffective control measures on CDOT construction sites to Jean Cordova at 303-512-4053.
  • Report any maintenance issues you see with CDOT permanent control measures along the roadways to Rachel Hansgen at 303-757-9975.
  • Report any activities happening at CDOT maintenance facilities that you think may impact water quality to Bob McDade at 303-757-9127.
  • Don’t litter!
  • Pick up your pet waste from rest areas.
  • Don’t pour anything down a storm drain, into roadside ditches, or into any other stormwater conveyance along the roadways.
  • Let us know your ideas on how we can do better.

improperly maintained silt fence

material spill on construction site

Silt Fence Bad

Spilled material


  • Utility Permits and Access Permits brochure
  • Report any illegal discharges
  • Always close dumpster lids and don't wash them out so that the wash water enters a storm drain inlet.
  • Properly clean out grease traps.
  • Follow the power/pressure water guidelines. Power washing wastewaters require a permit from CDPHE and some municipalities consider these wastewaters illegal discharges. Try using dry cleaning methods for parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Let us know opportunities to partner with you to protect water quality.