The mission of the Wetland Program is to provide technical assistance for transportation project development and construction with the goal of an overall benefit to the aquatic ecosystems in Colorado.

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Statewide Fen Mapping Completed
CDOT contracted with the Colorado Natural Heritage Program to complete statewide fen wetland mapping within and adjacent to CDOT rights-of-way. The field work and reporting was completed in July 2018. Because the files are enormous, the final report and fen site descriptions can be found on a Google Drive here -

Additionally, these data are uploaded to CDOT's OTIS site and can be found as a layer called "Potential Fen Wetlands". 

Please contact Becky Pierce with any questions concerning these data. 

Wetland Data Procedure
CDOT developed procedures for collecting wetland data (i.e using GPS to map wetland boundaries). All data for projects that includes wetland delineations must be provided using the following procedures:
Wetland Data Procedure


Updated 2018-09-19

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