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Multimodal Planning Branch

CDOT Multimodal Planning Branch
Division of Transportation Development
2829 W. Howard Pl., 4th Floor
Denver, CO 80204

Tim Kirby, Branch Manager
303-757-9619, [email protected]

Statewide & Regional Planning Section 

Marissa Gaughan, Section Manager
303-757-9619, [email protected]

Michael Snow, Transportation Planning Specialist/Liaison
303-512-4123, [email protected]

Kathleen Collins, Transportation Planning Analyst

Gail Hoffman, Transportation Planner

Aaron Willis, Transportation Planner

Carrie Tremblatt, Transportation Planner
303-757-9620, [email protected]

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Section

Betsy Jacobsen, Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Section Manager

Lenore Bates, Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways Program Manager

Bryan Meyer, Bicycle and Pedestrian Section Engineer
303-757-9088, [email protected]

Freight and Planning Analysis Program

Michelle Scheuerman, Freight Coordinator & Senior Transportation Advisor

Risk and Resilience Program

Lizzie Kemp, Risk and Resilience Program Manager
303-829-0274, [email protected] 

CDOT Engineering Regions


Region 1 Planning (Denver)

      Jordan Rudel, 303-757-9881, [email protected]

Danny Herrmann, 303-757-9946, [email protected]

JoAnn Mattson, 303-757-9866, [email protected]

Region 2 Planning (Pueblo)

Wendy Pettit, 719-546-5748, [email protected]s

Region 3 Planning (Grand Junction)

Mark Rogers, 970-683-6252, [email protected]

Region 4 Planning (Greeley)

Karen Schneiders, 970-350-2172, [email protected]

Region 5 Planning (Durango)

Matt Muraro, 970-385-1443, [email protected]

Division of Transit & Rail

Sharon Terranova, Senior Transit & Rail Planner
303-757-9753, [email protected]

Michael King, Assistant Director of Electrification and Energy
303-757-9997, [email protected]

Division of Aeronautics

David Ulane, Aeronautics Director
303-512-5254, [email protected]

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