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Multimodal Planning Branch

CDOT Multimodal Planning Branch
Division of Transportation Development
2829 W. Howard Pl., 4th Floor
Denver, CO 80204

Tim Kirby, Branch Manager
303-757-9619, [email protected]

Statewide & Regional Planning Section 

Marissa Gaughan, Section Manager
303-757-9619, [email protected]

Michael Snow, Transportation Planning Specialist/Liaison
303-512-4123, [email protected]

Kathleen Collins, Transportation Planning Analyst

Gail Hoffman, Transportation Planner

Aaron Willis, Transportation Planner

Carrie Tremblatt, Transportation Planner
303-757-9620, [email protected]

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Section

Betsy Jacobsen, Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Section Manager

Lenore Bates, Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways Program Manager

Ken Brubaker, Bicycle and Pedestrian Section Engineer

Bryan Meyer, Bicycle and Pedestrian Section Engineer
303-757-9088, [email protected]

Freight and Planning Analysis Program

Michelle Scheuerman, Freight Coordinator & Senior Transportation Advisor

Risk and Resilience Program

Lizzie Kemp, Risk and Resilience Program Manager
303-829-0274, [email protected] 

CDOT Engineering Regions


Region 1 Planning (Denver)

       Jordan Rudel, 303-757-9881, [email protected]

Danny Herrmann, 303-757-9946, [email protected]

JoAnn Mattson, 303-757-9866, [email protected]

Region 2 Planning (Pueblo)

Wendy Pettit, 719-546-5748, [email protected]s

Region 3 Planning (Grand Junction)

Mark Rogers, 970-683-6252, [email protected]

Region 4 Planning (Greeley)

Karen Schneiders, 970-350-2172, [email protected]

Region 5 Planning (Durango)

Matt Muraro, 970-385-1443, [email protected]

Division of Transit & Rail

Sharon Terranova, Senior Transit & Rail Planner
303-757-9753, [email protected]

Michael King, Assistant Director of Electrification and Energy
303-757-9997, [email protected]

Division of Aeronautics

David Ulane, Aeronautics Director
303-512-5254, [email protected]

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