Transportation Plans

(Current) 2045 Statewide Transportation Plan "Your Transportation Plan"

CDOT has just completed the process to develop the 2045 Statewide Transportation Plan. This plan identifies priorities, goals, and projects moving Colorado forward. 

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(Archive) 2040 Regional Transportation Plans

In order to plan in more detail, at a smaller scale, CDOT breaks up the state into transportation planning regions made up of groups of counties. Looking for the most recently adopted plan about your area in particular? 

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(Archive) 2040 MPO Transportation Plans

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (like DRCOG) create their own regional plans that become part of the statewide transportation plan. These plans help metropolitan regions set their own transportation priorities and goals for the future.

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(Archive) 2040 Statewide Transportation Plan | Transportation Matters

The Statewide Transportation Plan is developed in conjunction with a number of specific modal plans, which are then integrated into the final SWP. This is a critical step in ensuring that the final product of the planning process is an efficient multimodal system whose components work in harmony with one another. Additionally, CDOT develops separate statewide plans focused on improving the safety and operational efficiency of the state transportation system that are likewise incorporated into the overall Statewide Transportation Plan.

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Other CDOT Plans

In addition to the Statewide and regional transportation plans, CDOT creates mode-specific plans for subjects like freight, aviation, transit, and bike and pedestrian.

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