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Public Involvement is central to all transportation planning and to all of CDOT's planning programs.

Multimodal Planning Branch (MPB) Programs

Statewide Planning

The Multimodal Planning Branch leads statewide planning activities including the development of the Statewide Transportation Plan, coordination with other planning functions, and the integration of other modal plans into the statewide planning products.

MPO & Regional Planning

The Planning Liaisons in the Multimodal Planning Branch, together with the CDOT Engineering Regions are responsible for coordinating planning activities with Colorado's MPOs and with the rural TPRs. The MPO & Regional Planning Section provides oversight of the metropolitan and regional planning process, supporting and coordinating planning activities with internal and external planning partners. Section staff also provide planning, policy analysis and development support to Senior Management and to the Transportation Commission. The MPO & Regional Planning Section also administers several funding programs that enable or support planning processes including the Consolidated Planning Grant (CPG) Program, the Rural Planning (RPA) Work Program, and, in conjunction with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Section, the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program (CMAQ) and Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). 

Freight Planning

The Multimodal Planning Branch leads freight planning activities, coordinates freight related activities within the Department, and with freight stakeholders through the Freight Advisory Council.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

The Multimodal Planning Branch leads bicycle and pedestrian planning activities, and provides support to the CDOT Regions on the integration of bicycle and pedestrian elements and complete streets approaches in transportation projects.

Risk and Resilience

The Multimodal Planning Branch is leading the work to implement state resilience goals by incorporating resilience in strategic decisions about transportation assets and operations.

Other CDOT Planning Programs


Transit & Rail Planning

The Division of Transit & Rail (DTR) is responsible for transit and rail planning.

Operations and Safety Planning

The Division of Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) is responsible for planning for safety and transportation system operations.

Aeronautics Planning

The Division of Aeronautics is responsible for aeronautics planning.

Asset Management

CDOT's Asset Management Program develops and implements risk based strategies to insure the department's limited funding is applied to the right project, for the right asset, at the right time.