Committees, Boards & Councils

Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs)

Colorado's Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs) are represented by five metropolitan and ten rural Regional Planning Commissions (RPC).

Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC)

The STAC advises CDOT and the Transportation Commission on transportation matters in Colorado and is comprised of representatives from Colorado's fifteen TPRs.

Transit and Rail Advisory Committee (TRAC)

The TRAC advises CDOT on the transit needs of the transportation system in Colorado.  The Committee is comprised of 18 members with representatives from public and private transit providers, Class I and Shortline railroads, interest groups, TPRs, counties, cities and the general public.

Colorado Freight Advisory Council (FAC)

The FAC provides a forum for the discussion of freight issues and advises CDOT on freight transportation needs. The FAC includes public and private freight stakeholders including representatives of shippers, carriers, warehousing, providers of freight or logistics support, freight-related associations, and academia.

Transportation and Environmental Resource Council (TERC)

The TERC provides a forum for the discussion of transportation and environmental stewardship and includes CDOT, FHWA, and other federal, state, and local agencies.

Nonattainment Area Air Pollution Mitigation Enterprise

The Enterprise mitigates the environmental and health impacts of increased air pollution from motor vehicle emissions in nonattainment areas.