Transportation Plans

Statewide Transportation Plan - Your Transportation Plan

Colorado's latest blueprint for improving the state’s transportation system over the next 10 to 25 years is now available. The new 2045 Statewide Transportation Plan (SWP) includes goals and objectives to enhance safety, mobility, maintenance and economic vitality in the State's transportation system. The 2045 SWP reflects public stakeholder input and identifies:

  • The character of Colorado’s multi-modal transportation system
  • Transportation system needs
  • Overall investment strategies - how the expected revenue will be used

The 2045 SWP integrates 15 Regional Transportation Plans, and plans for transit, bike/ped, aviation, freight, asset management, operations, and safety. The 2045 SWP and other plans are available on the Your Transportation Priorities homepage at the link below.

Read the 2045 Statewide Transportation Plan