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203 Specification for Excavation and Embankment

CDOT releases a new version of its 203 Specification for Excavation and Embankment as program updates occur. The current specification now defines requirements to utilize different moisture conditioning, compaction techniques, and testing requirements for different soil classifications and material types. Therefore, CDOT’s current version of written exams for soils, excavation and embankment inspection will have a heavy emphasis on soil classification and laboratory testing procedures used to classify soils.

Another goal of the current written exams is to test examinees on their knowledge and understanding of the new 203 Specification. In addition to the revised written exams, CDOT will also require examinees to demonstrate their ability to run laboratory tests related to soil classification, and they will be required to identify the different AASHTO Soil Types using similar procedures to ASTM’s visual manual procedure. These practical tests will be in addition to those already required for WAQTC’s Embankment and Base and In-Place Density certification.

Embankment & Base and In-Place Density Certification 

To assist individuals seeking certification for WAQTC Embankment and Base and In-Place Density and CDOT’s Soils, Excavation, and Embankment Inspection, CDOT has developed WAQTC online training videos that are available on YouTube. Several videos contain recorded PowerPoint presentations that provide an overview of the CDOT Soils, Excavation, and Embankment Inspection manual. The remaining videos provide a demonstration of the practical examinations that participants will need to be familiar with and complete in order to pass their certification. We encourage anyone intending to certify to view these training videos.

We strongly encourage entry level technicians, new employees to the industry, and first-time examinees to watch our training videos. We also encourage veterans to the industry that are re-certifying to watch the videos to learn CDOT’s current requirements for soils testing and embankment construction and to refresh their knowledge.

Agencies and consultants are also encouraged to download the WAQTC manual and provide in-house preparation for the exam to their employees in addition to having them view these training videos. Hands-on experience and additional training beyond our videos is critical for your employees’ success in passing this certification.