Drainage Plumbing & Heat Trace Design Build Project

About the Project:

This project contains a variety of repairs including:

  • New fire department hose connections through each tunnel, allowing better access for first responders
  • New domestic water supply line to connect the west portal to the east portal
  • Develop a solution to prevent freezing of seep mains by replacing the heat tape (heat tape is insulated electrical line that is warm and is used inside pipes to keep the water in them from freezing) or providing a proposed alternative/innovative solution
  • Potential to add heat tape or a proposed alternative to prevent freezing of the current collection system
  • Replace existing heat tape with new heat tape on exterior roof drains and install new controls to interface with the new heat tape monitoring system
  • Water treatment plant upgrades to bring the facility to modern technology
  • Remove all existing heat tape, controls (the controls tell the heat tape to turn off and on automatically and gives you the status of if it is properly working) and circuitry back to the power source, and replace with new heat tape

Work this Week & Lane Closures EJMT Infrastructure project

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $27.7 million 
  • Contractor: Myers & Sons
  • Timeline: July 2023-Fall 2024
  • Location: Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel (I-70 near Loveland Ski Area)
    • Nearest Town/City: Silver Plume & Georgetown to the east, Silverthorne & Dillon to the west
    • Mile Point(s): I-70 eastbound and westbound MP 213-216
    • County(s): Clear Creek and Summit Counties 

Project Benefits:

This project will:

  • Create better access for first responders through new fire department hose connections 
  • Develop a solution to prevent freezing of seep mains by replacing the heat tape
  • Bring the EJMT to modern technology standards through water treatment plant upgrades

Work Schedule:

Work will happen overnight Sunday-Thursday between 9pm and 6am and will be coordinated with other ongoing projects at the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Traffic Impacts:

Traffic impacts include overnight single lane closures and occasional overnight full bore closures for testing of the fire suppression system.