Grout Repair

Project Complete!

This project replaced and repaired grout beds that support the interior wall panels in the north tunnel (Eisenhower) and will address and repair damaged wall panels & steel hangar issues throughout the north tunnel (Eisenhower). Steel hangars are brackets at the top of wall panels that keep them from falling forward. The wall panels had shifted from ice buildup behind them, so any damaged wall panels & hangars in the north tunnel (Eisenhower) were replaced. 

Project Benefits:

This project upgraded the interior wall panels in the Eisenhower bore to ensure safe travel through the tunnel. 

Work Schedule:

This project is complete.

Traffic Impacts:

No further traffic impacts for this project. 

Work this Week & Lane Closures EJMT Infrastructure project

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $1.6 million
  • Contractor: ABCO Contracting Company
  • Timeline: July through October 2023
  • Location: Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel (I-70 near Loveland Ski Area)
    • Nearest Town/City: Silver Plume & Georgetown to the east, Silverthorne & Dillon to the west
    • Mile Point(s): I-70 eastbound and westbound MP 213-216
    • County(s): Clear Creek and Summit Counties