Service Area Repairs

About the Project:

This project will make repairs in the approach/entryways to the tunnels, known as the “service area” including:

  • Replacing the fire extinguisher cabinets 
  • Repairing guardrail, surface drainage, asphalt, pavement markings, tunnel portal brick repair, and other miscellaneous items
  • Install new automated portal anti-icing system to help with ice buildup at the tunnel portals
  • Repairs to the loop road and parking areas around the tunnel, used by maintenance crew members and emergency service personnel
  • Building a new retaining wall at the east portal entryway

Project Benefits:

This project will improve the approach/entryways to the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel, including the loop road used by CDOT tunnel personnel and emergency service providers. The facade and guardrail improvements will help maintain the overall safety and visual integrity of the tunnel for the traveling public. The anti-icing system will improve traveling conditions during winter weather events.  

Work Schedule:

Work will take place Monday through Friday from 7am-5pm.

Traffic Impacts:

Traffic impacts will be minimal, mostly impacting the loop road the traveling public does not access. There could be occasional overnight single lane closures which would be coordinated with the other projects at the tunnel.

Work this Week & Lane Closures EJMT Infrastructure project

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $8 million
  • Contractor: American West
  • Timeline: June through November 2024
  • Location: Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel (I-70 near Loveland Ski Area)
    • Nearest Town/City: Silver Plume & Georgetown to the east, Silverthorne & Dillon to the west
    • Mile Point(s): I-70 eastbound and westbound MP 213-216
    • County(s): Clear Creek and Summit Counties