Plenum Liner Repair

About the Project:

This project will make repairs to the plenum liner (a structural liner within the tunnel walls) in both tunnel bores to mitigate water intrusion within the tunnel plenum liner during freeze/thaw cycles. 

Project Benefits

This project will improve the water infiltration the Eisenhower Tunnel experiences during the freeze/thaw cycles every year. The grout injection is meant to fill the cracks that cause water to penetrate into the plenum liner and eventually leak through the walls on the roadway.  This water freezes and causes large ice blocks on some of the wall panels in the Eisenhower Tunnel. This project will mitigate that issue. 

Work Schedule:

This project will work during day and nighttime hours Monday through Thursday.

Traffic Impacts:

Traffic impacts are expected to be minimal as most work will take place outside of the lanes of traffic within the plenum liner of the tunnel. 

Work this Week & Lane Closures EJMT Infrastructure project

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $25 million
  • Contractor: Engineering & Construction Innovations 
  • Timeline: July 2023 to November 2024
  • Location: Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel (I-70 near Loveland Ski Area)
    • Nearest Town/City: Silver Plume & Georgetown to the east, Silverthorne & Dillon to the west
    • Mile Point(s): I-70 eastbound and westbound MP 213-216
    • County(s): Clear Creek and Summit Counties