I-70 Mountain Corridor: Golden to the Utah Border

Summer-Fall 2023 Construction Maps

I-70 Mountain Corridor Summer Construction East
I-70 Mountain Corridor Summer Construction East

I-70 Mountain Corridor Summer Construction West
I-70 Mountain Corridor Summer Construction West

These maps outline active construction projects along or near the I-70 Mountain Corridor between Golden and the Utah border. The active summer-fall 2023 construction projects from east to west are as follows:

East Side of the Eisenhower Tunnel Projects

US 6 Clear Creek Canyon Work

Location: US 6 Clear Creek Canyon between CO 58 and CO 119
Schedule: Throughout 2023
Traffic Impacts: Daytime single lane closures and overnight full canyon closures
Webpage: There is various work scheduled on US 6 in Clear Creek Canyon including Jefferson County’s Peaks to Plains Trail

I-70 Mt. Vernon Truck Escape Ramp Improvements

Location: I-70 eastbound Mile Point 257, east of the Lookout Mountain exit
Schedule: October 2023-May 2024
Traffic Impacts: Full closure of the existing truck escape ramp at this location for the duration of the project
Webpage: Not available yet

I-70 Genesee Wildlife Underpass

Location: I-70 Mile Point 254.5 which is in between the exits for Lookout Mountain and Genesee
Schedule: Fall 2022 through Early 2024
Traffic Impacts: Traffic shifts and narrowed lanes through the work zone
Webpage: codot.gov/projects/i70floydhill/floyd-hill-early-projects

US 40 & Floyd Hill Roundabouts at County Road 65 and Homestead Road

Location: US 40 & County Road 65 (westbound I-70 Exit 248) and US 40 & Homestead Road (eastbound I-70 Exit 247)
Schedule: Fall 2022 through Early 2024
Traffic Impacts: Daytime single lane closures with traffic holds and alternating traffic, intermittent ramp/full road closures with a detour in place, and traffic shifts on US 40
Webpage: codot.gov/projects/i70floydhill/floyd-hill-early-projects

I-70 Floyd Hill

Location: Eight miles of the I-70 Mountain Corridor, from west of Evergreen to eastern Idaho Springs
Schedule: Summer 2023-2028
Traffic Impacts: Day and night time work, overnight lane closures, rock blasting, bridge construction, narrowed lanes and traffic shifts
Web Page:https://www.codot.gov/projects/i70floydhill

Clear Creek Greenway and County Road 314 Improvements

Location: Clear Creek County Road (CR) 314 from east Idaho Springs to the Veterans Memorial Tunnels, Mile Point 0.0 to 1.26
Schedule: September 2021 through October 2023
Traffic Impacts: Full closure of part of CR 314 with access for cyclists and pedestrians maintained
Webpage: codot.gov/projects/cr314idahosprings

US 40 Empire Wildlife Overpass

Location: US 40 at approximately Mile Point 257 which is near the I-70 and US 40 Empire Interchange (I-70 Exit 232)
Schedule: September 2023-Spring 2025
Traffic Impacts: Traffic shifts, intermittent single lane closures, and bridge work
Webpage: codot.gov/projects/i70floydhill/earlyprojects

I-70 Eastbound Paving Between the Eisenhower Tunnel and Georgetown

Location: I-70 eastbound from Mile Point 215 to 228 and MP 231-232
Schedule: August 2023-Summer 2024
Traffic Impacts: Overnight single lane closures for guardrail and paving work
Webpage: Not available yet

Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel Infrastructure Upgrades

Location: I-70 Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel, Clear Creek/Summit Counties
Schedule: July 2022-2024
Traffic Impacts: This varies from project to project, but could include occasional overnight full tunnel bore closures and overnight single lane closures in the tunnel
Webpage: codot.gov/projects/ejmt-infrastructure-repairs

I-70 Striping between Silverthorne and C-470

Location: Both directions of the I-70 Mountain Corridor from Silverthorne to Golden/C-470
Schedule: June-September 2023
Traffic Impacts: Single and double lane closures at night
Webpage: No web page

West Side of the Eisenhower Tunnel Projects

I-70 Frisco to Silverthorne Auxiliary Lane- Eastbound

Location: Eastbound I-70 from just east of Frisco to just east of Silverthorne (MP 202-206)
Schedule: March 2022 - late-October 2023
Traffic Impacts: Up to 20-minutes of additional travel time throughout the project work zone which includes US 6 and CO 9 under I-70 at Exit 205 in SIlverthorne, including lane closures and temporarily narrowed lanes with shoulder closures. Nighttime hours will vary with crews generally off the road by 6 a.m. with single-lane and shoulder closures on I-70 in both directions- predominantly eastbound. Night closures will be necessary along US Highway 6/Colorado Highway 9 with traffic detoured to Stevens Way. The eastbound scenic overlook east of exit 203 (Frisco) is closed for the duration of the project.
Webpage: https://www.codot.gov/projects/i70-auxiliary-lanes-summit-county

R3 Region Wide Epoxy Striping Project (I-70, US 40, US 6 & CO 9)

Location: Interstate 70 from Glenwood Springs to Silverthorne (Mile Points 116-205.6); US 40 from West of Fraser to Berthoud Pass (MP 226.0 - 243.0); US 6 from Silverthorne to approx Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (MP 208.6 - 217); CO 9 from Blue River to I-70 exit 203 Frisco interchange (MP 80.0 - 97.5) then from I-70 exit 205 Silverthorne interchange to approx Green Mountain Reservoir/Heeney (MP 101.5 - 128.5).
Schedule: May - October 2023
Traffic Impacts: Single lane rolling closure for both eastbound and westbound traffic.

I-70 West Vail Pass Auxiliary Lanes

Location: Westbound I-70 at the top of Vail Pass Mile Point 179.5-191.5. Work also takes place on the Vail Pass recreation path.
Schedule: August 2021-2026 (no work during winter shutdowns)
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures in locations along the project, in place 5 a.m.- 6 p.m. daily. Lane closures end at 11 a.m. on Saturday.
Webpage: https://www.codot.gov/projects/i70westvailauxiliarylanes/construction

Vail Pass Rest Area Replacement

Location: Vail Pass Rest Area off I-70 at Exit 190
Schedule: May 2022 through October 2023 with a winter shutdown in early 2023
Traffic Impacts: Rest area and bathrooms are closed at exit 190 (Vail Pass).
Webpage: https://www.codot.gov/projects/vail-pass-rest-area-reconstruction

Region 3 Median Cable Rail

Location: I-70 Mile Points 182-183
Schedule: June - fall 2023
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures and speed reductions
Webpage: https://www.codot.gov/projects/i70-median-cable-rail-eagle-county

I-70 Wildlife Fence Project

Location: West and east of Vail, Mile Points 181-178 and MP 171-173
Schedule: August 2022 to summer 2023
Traffic Impacts: Shoulder closures with speed reductions
Webpage: https://www.codot.gov/projects/i70-wildlife-fencing-eagle-county

I-70 Concrete Slab Replacement Rifle to Silt

Location: I-70 between West Rifle and Silt, Mile Points 85.5-98.
Schedule: April 2023-October 2023
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures and speed reductions
Webpage: https://www.codot.gov/projects/i70riflesiltslab

I-70 East of DeBeque Resurfacing

Location: I-70 east of DeBeque, Mile Points 65-68
Schedule: May - September 2023
Traffic Impacts: Lane closures and speed reductions
Webpage: https://www.codot.gov/projects/i70debequeresurfacing

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