I-25 North Express Lanes: Mead to Fort Collins

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CO 60 and I-25 interchange

The Colorado Highway 60 and I-25 interchange currently follows a single-lane Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) traffic pattern.

When driving a DDI, motorists proceed through a traffic signal upon entering the interchange and simply follow their lane to the opposite side of the roadway. Drivers needing to access I-25 from CO 60 will turn left at the on-ramp without having to stop again or wait for oncoming traffic to pass. Through traffic proceeds to a second traffic signal and follows the lane back to the customary side of the road.

When the interchange is complete, which is expected in mid-2023, there will be two lanes in each direction with a 10-foot-wide sidewalk, and upgraded landscaping and aesthetics. Upon reopening the interchange in early October, CO 60 over I-25 will be in a one-lane in each direction DDI configuration to finish landscaping, irrigation and concrete work. Motorists are encouraged to use caution after the interchange reopens, as the traffic pattern will be significantly different and construction vehicles will be parked in the closed lanes (shown in the red shading on the diagram).

CO 60 DDI - single lane closure.png

Berthoud Mobility Hub Animation

Check out this animated infographic for a closer look at what's to come with the Berthoud Mobility Hub. The mobility hub is being built as part of the I-25 North Express Lanes Project, and will offer a new multimodal space for I-25 North corridor commuters.

Berthoud to Johnstown | PUBLIC MEETING RECORDING

Thanks to everyone who attended the virtual public meeting regarding the past closure of Colorado Highway 60. If you were unable to attend, please click below to watch the recording of the meeting.

The Diverging Diamond Interchange information video is below.

Learn More About Changes to Local Frontage Roads

Great Western Railroad Bridge Time Lapse 

The Great Western Railroad Bridge was constructed in two phases/halves offline about 20 feet south of the railroad alignment. Once constructed, the existing halves of the bridge were removed and the newly constructed portions were rolled into place. This timelapse shows the western portion of the bridge going into place. Due to the unique phasing of the roadway work, no I-25 lane closures were needed to either construct the new bridge or demolish the old structure.

I-25 North and US 34 Traffic Phasing

Have you ever wondered how crews on the I-25 North Express Lanes Project are able to build a new highway without closing the existing highway? When traveling through the I-25 North Express Lanes project, motorists are often navigating a series of intricate traffic shifts. The traffic shifts allow crews to safely maintain traffic and complete the construction in phases. This graphic highlights the traffic phasing at I-25 North and US 34 in Loveland. Work in this area began along the median in fall 2019. In Spring 2020, all traffic was shifted to the southbound lanes so that construction could take place on the northbound lanes. This year, crews are working in the median again. Finally, traffic will shift to the northbound lanes while crews build the southbound lanes. When navigating these work areas, please remember to be patient, drive distraction free and always and slow for the cone zone.

Click the timeline above or use the arrows to explore the traffic phases.

While telecommuting might work for some occupations, construction clearly isn’t one of those. Without people physically on-site to do the work, the I-25 North Express Lanes from Berthoud to Fort Collins would never become a reality. But while road work is progressing, for now, that’s not to say it is totally business as usual on the job site.

Here are some of the things work crews are doing a little differently these days:

  • Project management meetings are being conducted via phone.
  • Everyone is being told to NOT report to work if they feel ill, and anyone who doesn’t feel well on the job is immediately sent home.
  • All office staff and non-essential personnel who can work from home are doing so.
  • Though all workers in the field wear gloves, hand tools are being cleaned more vigilantly and workers are instructed to wash or sanitize their hands after removing gloves.
  • Workers are bringing their own water bottle to the jobsite to avoid using a common water cooler.
  • Portable restrooms are being sanitized more frequently.
  • Steering wheels and machinery equipment controls are being wiped down, particularly if different people will be moving in and out of the equipment throughout the day.

About the Project

Communities along the north I-25 corridor are expanding rapidly, contributing to major economic growth in northern Colorado. The Colorado Department of Transportation will support this growth by delivering the I-25 North Express Lanes Project. This project will extend from Highway 56 in Mead to Mulberry Street in Fort Collins.

This project brings economic, environmental and quality of life benefits for northern Coloradans by:

 Making safety improvements to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities.

 Decreasing travel time and increasing trip reliability.

 Reducing emissions and improving freight efficiency.

 Employing congestion management and safety technology to improve the travel experience.

 Rebuilding aging and obsolete infrastructure.

 Improving bicycle, pedestrian and transit connectivity.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the corridor improvements by clicking on the areas below:

Express Lanes: Northbound and southbound Express Lanes with HOV option will be added from US 56 to just past Prospect Road


  • Construction began between CO 402 and Mulberry in 2018
  • Once more funding is identified and secured, construction will begin from CO 66 to CO 56