Project Meetings

Mead to Johnstown

Virtual Public Meeting
June 29, 2021

The project team hosted a virtual public meeting on Tuesday, June 29 to provide information about the upcoming closure of Colorado Highway 56 over I-25, later this summer/early fall. In addition to providing closure and overall project information, the project team answered questions from the community.

Please view the meeting recording below if you were unable to attend the meeting.

Virtual Public Meeting
October 8, 2020

Johnstown to Fort Collins

Virtual Public Meeting - Johnstown to Fort Collins
April 14, 2021

Construction on the I-25 North Express Lanes Project, Johnstown to Fort Collins, is progressing rapidly. Upcoming activities include the reconfiguration of Harmony Road, the permanent closure of the East Frontage Road and work on the Kechter Road bridge.

The project team hosted a virtual public meeting on Wednesday, April 14 to provide information about these upcoming construction activities and closures and answered questions from the community.

Project Public Meeting Materials
September 10, 2019
Public Meeting Presentation
April 17, 2019

Berthoud to Johnstown

Berthoud to Johnstown | Public Meeting Recording

Thanks to everyone who attended the virtual public meeting regarding the past closure of Colorado Highway 60. If you were unable to attend, please click below to watch the recording of the meeting.

The Diverging Diamond Interchange information video is below.

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