Bike Trails

This project brings many exciting benefits to the northern Colorado biking community. As part of the project, we will be constructing the UPRR structure long enough to accommodate both the railroad and Kendall Parkway.

As soon as the project is complete, Loveland has indicated that it will construct Kendall Parkway to city standards, which will accommodate a bicycle lane. This connects the infrastructure on the east and west sides of I-25, and bikes and pedestrians will be able to cross I-25 without having to cross at US 34.

The project also includes accommodation for the Cache la Poudre River Regional Trail under I-25, and networks to 100 miles of trails and serves as a wildlife corridor. As part of the project, CDOT will be constructing the path from ROW line to ROW line.

At some time after the I-25 work is complete, work will continue through other entities to attach the existing trail system to the work completed as part of this project.