How high is too high to drive? Cannabis impairment facts.

CDOT releases updated safe-driving educational materials

How high is too high to drive? How long does weed stay in your system? Are cannabis-impaired DUIs even real?

Get the answers to your cannabis-impaired driving questions and the latest data from our fact sheets below — or on our FAQ page. From cannabis use to DUI laws and the dangers of driving high — we have the facts.

Our goal is to educate Coloradans about cannabis-impaired driving and keep Colorado roadways safe. This begins with accurate and trusted information. Remember that driving high is always dangerous and illegal — plan ahead and know the facts.

Here are short answers to common questions:

  • How high is too high to drive?
    • Any level of impairment can put you at risk of a DUI. Remember, if you feel different, you drive different. Why take the risk?
  • Is driving high illegal?
    • Yes, you can get a DUI for cannabis just like with alcohol.
  • How long should I wait to drive?
    • CDPHE recommendations and academic research say from 4-8 hours depending on what you’ve consumed and how much.
  • Why is driving high illegal and dangerous?
    • Cannabis affects reaction time, judgment and your ability to multitask (important for safe driving).
  • Can you get a DUI if you’re not high but have THC in your system?
    • Impairment is caused by active Delta-9 THC (and Delta-8/Delta-10 and other psychoactive cannabinoids). As you sober up, it is converted to inactive THC, which can stay in your system up to a month. So even if you have inactive THC in your system but are driving sober, you are not at risk of a DUI.

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To get involved with the campaign, reach out to CDOT Traffic Safety Communications Manager Sam Cole at [email protected].

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