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V8i SS4

General MicroStation Workflows (MS), MicroStation Printing (MP), MicroStation Information and Adminstration (MA), Workflows Using MicroStation Office Products (OP), and InRoads Related Workflows (IR)
CDOT Workflow IR 20 - Creating Design Deliverables

Once the design has been completed, design surface data can be converted into an electronic deliverable format. There are four formats for electronic deliverables; LandXML, DTM, DGN and DWG. This workflow illustrates the processes for creating design deliverables in each of the formats mentioned above.

CDOT Workflow IR 21 - Image Editing with Descarte

Once a DRAPP or NAIP aerial image has been downloaded from the CDOT servers and saved to your project folder, the Descartes product add-in, available in InRoads SS4, can be used to cut out only the project area from the image, so a more manageable image size can be used in MicroStation.