2019 M-Standard Project Special Details

Project Special Details are developed by the Standards and Specifications Unit for use in specific project plan sets and are selected by the Project Designer. The Project Special Details have been developed from requests by Region Designers and experience from CDOT projects. A special detail should be used when the specific item detailed is included in the plans.

  • Include the Project Special Detail sheet as a numbered plan sheet included in the Index.
  • Project Special Detail sheets cannot be referenced as "New and Revised Standards" on your Title sheet.
  • Stamped originals are archived in the Standards and Specifications Unit office.
  • Please click on the Revised Date to open the M Standard's Cover Letter.
Project Special Detail Number Project Special Detail Name (Total number of sheets if 2 or more) and its description.
D-203-3 D-203-3 Slope Rounding Detail - Details for flat and steep slopes to define buffer zones.
D-240-1 D-240-1 Bat House - Wooden house for bats.
D-412-1 D-412-1 Thin Whitetopping Typical Joint Layout - Details and locations of concrete joints.
D-412-2 D-412-2 Concrete Pavement Crack Repair (2 sheets) - Details of cross stitching, slot, and dowel retrofit. (Issued on September 6, 2022)
D-420-1 D-420-1 Media Filter Drain - Filter system for storm water drain off.
D-501-1 D-501-1 Steel Sheet Piling for Check Dams and Grade Control Structures - To slow down stream flow and prevent erosion.  Raise the groundwater table level, and promote surrounding vegetation.
D-506-1 D-506-1 Gabions and Slope Mattress - Baskets and slope mattress for various stabilization applications.
D-603-4 D-603-4 Corrugated Polypropylene Pipe (AASHTO M330) - Installation and cover height for corrugated polypropylene pipes.
D-606-2 D-606-2 Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) Type 3 W-Beam 31 Inches without Blocks (18 sheets) - Placement, installation materials, and specifications. (Issued on March 5, 2020
D-606-15 D-606-15 Concrete Glare Screen for Precast Type 7 Concrete Barrier - For use only with Precast.


1,   2

D-607-11 Wood Snow Fence (2 Sheets) - 10 foot high wood snow fence.


1,  2

D-607-12 Wood Snow Fence (2 Sheets) - 12 foot high wood snow fence.
SHRP-W/FR-91-105 - Strategic Highway Research Program Snow Fence Design Guide. (PDF)
D-608-1 D-608-1 Curb Ramps - Detectable Warning Surface Paver Details.
D-613-2 D-613-2 High Mast Lighting - Details for wiring, luminaire support assembly, raising and lowering device.
D-613-3 D-613-3 Under Deck Lighting - Luminaire and mounting support system for structures.
D-613-4 D-613-4 Screw-In Foundation - Galvanized steel foundation for transformer base or breakaway coupling.
D-614-1 D-614-1 Safety Edge for Pavement - Triangular wedge that runs adjacent to the shoulder edges. (Released on May 29, 2009.)     Safety Edge information from the FHWA.


1,  2

D-614-2 Piezo Loop Detector Installation Detail (2 sheets) - Used for counting vehicles.
D-614-3 D-614-3 Bike and Pedestrian Traffic Counter - Used for collecting and storing bicycle and pedestrian volume counts at locations as shown on the plans.
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