CDOT Releases Free Smartphone Application to Improve Travel Experience

September 21, 2012 - Statewide Transportation Plan - Public-Private Partnership with Colorado-Based The Hub Companies, LLC Yields New Technology with Zero Taxpayer Expense.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) announced today the release of its new, free Smartphone mobile application for travelers called CDOT Mobile – The Official App. The mobile application, which launches with the I-70 mountain corridor, is designed specifically to improve the travel experience on Colorado roadways by making critical information such as highway conditions and traffic information more accessible, dynamic and interactive.  CDOT Mobile will enable users to make better decisions about travel mode and route, resulting in a more productive, safe and efficient transportation system.

The development of CDOT Mobile is part of a five-year, public-private partnership with the Colorado-based, The Hub Companies, LLC.  urHub were selected as part of a competitive process conducted by CDOT to expand its critical traveler-related highway data.

“I am encouraged to see this type of public-private partnership in the state,” said Governor John Hickenlooper.  “Very few state departments of transportation are using apps to provide this critical traveler information. The app is both simple and innovative and is sure to become a necessary tool for those who travel on Colorado highways.”

CDOT Mobile – The Official App will provide travelers with:

  • Speeds and travel times;
  • Road conditions;
  • Road closures and other traffic-related incidents;
  • Road work, including construction and maintenance activities; and
  • Feeds from CDOT’s closed circuit television cameras.

“From snowplow route engineering to our robust website, CDOT has worked hard to deploy current technological developments where it makes the most sense,” said Don Hunt, CDOT’s Executive Director.  “A Smartphone application that benefits more than five million Colorado residents and the 52 million guests we host annually is the next best step as part of our continuing program to improve and diversify our communications efforts.”

There is no cost to the taxpayer -- or to CDOT -- in the development of CDOT Mobile.  Costs to fund development as well as administration and maintenance will be realized through the sale of advertising and sponsorship on the App as well as CDOT’s website, and 5-1-1 IVR (interactive voice response) system.  Notifications and alerts from CDOT and advertisers will encourage travelers to avoid peak travel times and take advantage of offers and special deals from advertisers instead of sitting in traffic.

“CDOT – The Official App will provide travelers with speeds and travel times; road conditions; incidents and road closures; road work to include construction and maintenance activities and; feeds from CDOT’s closed circuit television cameras -- all available real-time” said, John Cronin, CEO of urHub.  “Content will continually be enhanced and include: historical travel times on the weekends to allow motorists to determine the best time to travel; data from a national weather provider and directional maps to enhance trip planning; as well as information such as the location of gas stations and the nearest cup of coffee.”

As was mentioned previously, CDOT Mobile will focus initially on the I-70 corridor between Denver and Vail, which sees an average of 30,000 vehicles each day.  The next phase of the app, which will focus on the I-25 corridor, will be added to the application this winter.  Phase three will focus on other highways throughout the rest of the state.

To download CDOT Mobile, simply text “CDOT” to 25827 or search CDOT Mobile in your App Store.

About The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

CDOT’s primary goal is to enhance the safety and quality of life and the environment of the citizens of Colorado by creating an integrated transportation system that focuses on safely moving people and goods by offering convenient linkages among modal choices. CDOT is responsible for a 9,146 mile highway system, including 3,447 bridges. Each year, this system handles over 27.4 billion vehicle miles of travel. Although the Interstate system accounts for only about 10 percent (914 miles) of the total mileage on the state system, 40 percent of all travel takes place on Colorado’s Interstate highways.

About The Hub Companies, LLC

urHub, a division of The Hub Companies is a digital multi-platform organization providing solutions for content distribution and monetization within the Transportation, Tourism, and Media verticals.  Our patent-pending mobile and digital technologies provide the capabilities of selecting, connecting and directing

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