Multimodal Options Fund (MMOF) - Local Fund

Eligible projects are selected to receive local Multimodal Options Funds (MMOF) by the Regional Planning Commissions (RPC) of the 15 Transportation Planning Regions (TPRs).

Sponsors that are interested in seeking funding through the MMOF Local Fund should contact their respective planning organizations to engage in those selection processes. Contact CDOT planning staff for information. A map of TPRs and contact information can be found here

Supporting Documents:

Program Goals

The MMOF seeks to fund multimodal transportation projects and operations throughout the state because, in addition to the general benefits that it provides to all Coloradans, a complete and integrated multimodal transportation system:

(a) benefits seniors by making aging in place more feasible for them;

(b) benefits residents of rural areas by providing them with flexible public transportation services;

(c) provides enhanced mobility for persons with disabilities; and

(d) provides safe routes to schools for children.

Funding Distribution and current funding:

TPR Distribution % Year 2018 & 2019 Funding
Pikes Peak Area 8.60% $6,531,199
Greater Denver Area 60.20% $45,810,761
North Front Range 7.30% $5,575,009
Pueblo Area 2.60% $2,003,884
Grand Valley 2.30% $1,731,488
Eastern 1.40% $1,031,838
Southeast 0.90% $664,017
San Luis Valley 1.30% $961,989
Gunnison Valley 3.10% $2,355,869
Southwest 1.60% $1,247,368
Intermountain 4.90% $3,751,566
Northwest 1.30% $993,003
Upper Front Range 2.00% $1,492,904
Central Front Range 2.10% $1,617,326
South Central 0.50% $345,780

See the Supporting Documents for add'l information.

Eligible Subrecipients

Eligible recipients include but are not limited to local governments, transit agencies (public or private), school districts or other sponsors of eligible multimodal projects.

Eligible Projects

Eligible projects include capital or operating costs for:

  • Fixed route and on-demand transit
  • Transportation demand management programs
  • Multimodal mobility projects enabled by new technology
  • Multimodal transportation studies
  • Bicycle or pedestrian projects 

Match Requirements

All MMOF Local Funds must be matched 50/50 by other non-MMOF funds.  However, the Transportation Commission may grant a reduction or exemption of match requirements in certain cases.  See the program guidance in the supporting documents for details.