Floyd Hill Early Projects

Several early projects were identified during the Floyd Hill Environmental Assessment process that could be advanced prior to the main I-70 Floyd Hill project. These Early Projects include community and environmental mitigation elements that can be constructed ahead of the larger project to help improve safety and mobility. 

Floyd Hill Early Projects map

I-70 Floyd Hill Early Projects Map

US 40 & Floyd Hill Roundabouts - In Construction

The US 40 & Floyd Hill Roundabouts project plans to construct new roundabout intersections at US 40 & County Road 65 (westbound I-70 Exit 248) and US 40 & Homestead Road (eastbound I-70 Exit 247). 

Benefits of this project include:

  • Improved intersection operations and safety
  • Westbound US 40 bypass lane reduces conflict points and eases intersection congestion
  • Improved bicycle safety at intersections through bicycle specific signing, lower vehicle speeds, and the ability for cyclists to use the full lane

Estimated Schedule:

  • Construction Fall 2022 through Spring 2024 (The project was originally
    estimated to be complete in early 2024, but is delayed because of loss of
    work days due to weather impacts.)
  • Project Cost: $9M
  • Contractor: American Civil Constructors

Traffic Impacts:

  • General working hours for this project are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m..
  • Impacts include traffic shifts on US 40, single lane closures, and occasional detours of US 40 traffic onto I-70. Up to 20 minutes delays are expected.
  • Flaggers will be present.
  • Homestead Road will remain open throughout construction, but since this is an active work zone there will be flaggers in place along Homestead Road to help direct traffic safely throughout construction of the roundabouts. Delays are expected.
US 40 & County Road 65 Roundabout Rendering
US 40 & County Road 65 Roundabout Rendering

US 40 & Homestead Road Roundabout Rendering
US 40 & Homestead Road Roundabout Rendering

Wildlife Crossings

I-70 & Genesee Wildlife Underpass - In Construction

Work has begun on the I-70 & Genesee Wildlife Underpass project, which includes construction a wildlife underpass at approximately I-70 Mile Point 254.5 which is in between the exits for Lookout Mountain and Genesee. This area has been identified as a hotspot for wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVC) and has the highest number of WVCs on I-70 east of the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel. Wildlife fencing will be placed along both sides of I-70 (north and south) and extend from the I-70 and Genesee Exit (Exit 254) to the I-70 and Lookout Mountain Exit (Exit 256).

Estimated Schedule:

  • Construction began in fall 2023 and is scheduled to be completed in late-spring 2024

Traffic Impacts:

  • To build the wildlife underpass, crews will construct a temporary traffic shift on I-70 between Lookout Mountain and Genesee.
    Three lanes of travel will be maintained in both directions, but due to narrowed lanes motorists must use caution through the work zone.
  • The speed limit will be reduced to 55 MPH through the work zone.
  • There will be 11-foot width restrictions on vehicles through the work zone.
  • Impacts to traffic are expected to be minimal.
  • Once the project is complete, motorists will be traveling on the two new I-70 bridges with the wildlife underpass underneath.

Draft rendering of I-70 Genesee wildlife crossing

I-70 & Genesee Wildlife Underpass

US 40 Empire Wildlife Overpass - In Design

The US 40 Empire Wildlife Overpass project plans to construct a wildlife overpass on US 40 at approximately Mile Point 257 which is near the I-70 and US 40 Empire Interchange (I-70 Exit 232). The wildlife overpass will allow safe connectivity for the largest bighorn sheep herd in the state of Colorado as well as reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions. Wildlife fencing will be placed along both sides of US 40 (north and south) and extend to the town of Empire and south on County Road 257. This project also plans to apply rockfall mitigation designs and fencing adjacent to the wildlife crossing structure.

Estimated Schedule:

  • Construction Fall 2023-Spring 2025
  • Project Cost: Estimated $7M-$10M
  • Contractor: TBD

Rendering of US 40 Empire wildlife crossing

US 40 Empire Wildlife Overpass Rendering

Pegasus Transit Shuttle Stop – In Construction

The Pegasus Transit Shuttle Stop will provide a carpooling and transit stop for the Pegasus shuttle transit service in the Evergreen/Floyd Hill area. 

Benefits of this shuttle service include:

  • Daily service between the Denver area and I-70 mountain corridor communities
  • Shuttle can use the Mountain Express Lanes west of Idaho Springs
  • Shuttle will be able to use the new Floyd Hill westbound Express Lane
  • Support for future electric vehicle charging at the Pegasus parking lot

Estimated Schedule:

  • Construction: July to December 2024
    Project Cost: TBD
    Contractor: Kraemer North America