Corridor Technology

To plan and prepare for the future and in anticipation of the CO 7 Corridor’s growth, the corridor team is planning to develop a Smart Technology plan to identify design details and treatments to be included in the preliminary engineering considering emerging autonomous and connected vehicle (AV/CV) technologies, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and communications infrastructure.

Recommendations focus on:

  • Technology for Quick & Timely Design and Implementation
  • High Return on Investment
  • Direction to Project Design
Increase Transit Reliability
  • Transit signal priority enabled traffic signals
  • Queue jump enabled traffic signals
  • Transit support technologies
  • Increase intermodal connectivity
Increase intermodal Connectivity
  • Implement fiber communications network for existing lines and in the future
  • EV charging stations at mobility hubs and BRT stations
  • Smart park-and-ride system
  • Develop corridor Intelligent Transportation System Plan
Increase pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Bicycle and pedestrian detection at signals
Increase synergy and communication with data driven insights
  • Data sharing platform
  • Performance monitoring
Improve traffic safety
  • Cameras at signals
  • Signals on system

Next steps:

  • Opportunities with transit start-up operations
  • Initiate IGAs
  • Leverage technology opportunities
  • Leverage joint development opportunities