Segment A: 28th Street to 63rd Street

Preliminary Engineering Study & Environmental

About this Segment

CO 7 in Boulder between the Flatirons Golf Course and 63rd Street
CO 7 in Boulder between the Flatirons Golf Course and 63rd Street

The CO 7 Corridor Segment A between 28th Street to 63rd Street is in the preliminary engineering study and environmental phase. This project is one of the keystone projects along the corridor as one of the most urban, developed, and congested segments. The corridor is a critical commuter and business route (transit, biking, personal vehicle, goods movement) connecting the region to Boulder’s core. The project area is commonly known as East Arapahoe, a six-lane road and one of the City of Boulder’s most heavily traveled commuter corridors.

Project area map of CO 7 Segment A: 28th Street to 63rd Street
Study area for the existing conditions analysis.

This project will provide a safe multimodal transportation system that supports the economy, enhances the environment, and improves the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

Proposed Preliminary Designs

A series of educational videos are available at the links provided below. The videos highlight examples of the proposed preliminary designs along CO 7 Multimodal Corridor Segment A. Shaped by community input from fall 2023 and previous feedback, these videos offer a focused overview of specific areas along the corridor and show an example of the proposed multimodal improvements. Take a look to learn more!

 Key Project Elements

  • Building upon previous planning and feasibility studies.
  •  Advancing the design of Bus Rapid Transit.
  • Linked improvements to complementary projects.
  • Equitably serving the range of potential users – commuters, seniors, young people, persons with disabilities, and under-resourced communities.
Bus shelter at CO 7 and 28th Street in Boulder
Bus shelter at CO 7 and 28th Street in Boulder

The project team will identify alternatives and develop 15% design plans for multimodal improvements along the CO 7 corridor in Boulder. In addition, preliminary engineering for a protected intersection at CO 7 and 30th Street is being designed as a separate project along the East Arapahoe corridor. The project team will incorporate the intersection design into the corridor design set.

  • Address existing and future transportation needs, including local and regional travel.
  • Facilitate safe travel and access by people using all modes – walking, biking, accessing transit, and driving.
  • Support existing and future land use in the corridor.
  • How to move more people safely and efficiently through one of the busiest travel corridors in the metro area. With travel demand predicted to increase by as much as 20% in the next two decades, we need to reorganize streets to provide more multi-modal travel options for commuters and for the greater number of people who will be working and living in the corridor.

  • A strengthened multimodal network, corridor preservation to connect communities and improve safety, accessibility, and designs that focus on moving people, not just cars.
  • Existing and future multimodal connections to connect bikeways and sidewalks, connect destinations with improved pedestrian crossings.
  • Increased mobility and flexibility.
  • Reduce speeding.
  • Provide an alternative to driving.
  • Improved air quality and reduce our impact on the climate.
  • Stakeholder Meetings: August 2023 through Feb. 2024
  • Public Meetings: Sept. through Oct. 2023 and Feb. through March 2024
  • Concept Evaluation and Refinements: March through June 2023
  • Environmental: March through June 2023
  • 15% Design: January 2023 through April 2024
Stakeholder Meetings: July through Nov. 2023, Public Meetings: Aug. and Nov. 2023
CO 7 Segment A Project Timeline
  • The project is partially funded by CDOT and the City of Boulder. The partnership is a joint effort with the CO 7 Coalition and through a successful Transportation Improvement Program application with local agencies matched funding.

    Multiuse path at Arapahoe Avenue and 28th Street in Boulder.
    Multiuse path at Arapahoe Avenue and 28th Street in Boulder.